Erin's Christmas Traditions

by Erin Yamabe | December 13, 2011


Hello Ruby Rock-It fans, it's Erin with you today!  And I am going to share a little with you about my favorite season, Christmas!

One of my absolute favorite things is when we get together and start taking out all of our ornaments, to decorate our tree!  I love that every year my parents would write the date and who the ornament was from for that year, so that now, as we unwrap them and marvel at them, we too can remember a sweet memory or fun time with that loved one who remembered us that year with a treasure for our tree!  And I make sure to carry on that tradition, so my daughters will remember for years to come where their treasured bobbles came from!

And this year, I've been SO inspired to create more home/handmade ornaments!

Here's one of my favorites from this year:




The heart inside is created from my daughter's fingerprints, and then on the back is her name and 2011.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share some of why I absolutely love this Christmas season!


Erin Yamabe


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Jodi's Christmas Traditions

by Jodi Wilton | December 12, 2011


Hello Ruby Rock-it Fans!

Every year there is always so much to do at Christmas time in our house.  Between family events, shopping, and decorating, the most important and favorite tradition of mine is "remembering" Christmas Pasts.  When we decorate our Christmas tree, almost every ornament has a story. The tradition started when my husband and I moved back to Canada from New Zealand and we were celebrating our first Christmas together.  We decided to each buy a ornament, and every year we will add a new ornament. We label each ornament with a date on it! When our family started to expand, we had our kids pick out an ornament each year.  Now that they are getting older, it is fun and exciting to see there faces each time they put an ornament on the tree. 

Here is my daughter, Taylor's first Ornament from last year (my favorite!)

IMG_9440 (640x427)

This one has been a favorite of my son, Josh's since he first picked it out when he was two years old! He is five now, and still plays with it:

IMG_9441 (640x427)

My last ornament I would love to share with you, which I am sure a lot of you can relate with. I lost my sister in a car accident in 2007.  Christmas was her favorite time of the year, and the only holiday I usually got to spend with her.  When she came for her last Christmas with us, she brought an ornament for our tree, it was a "Chicago" ornament.  The first Christmas following her passing, I bought a special angel ornament.  There will always be a special part of my sister with us on Christmas.

IMG_9444 (427x640)

I hope you got a glimpse into the stories from three of my favorite ornaments (and my favorite December Tradition!)   Happy Holidays Ruby Rock-it Fans!

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Carrie's Christmas Traditions...

by Carrie Walz | December 11, 2011


It's finally starting to look a lot like Christmas at my house. No, not that I am a late bloomer...that is just how my mom always did it. My mom's birthday is 2 days before Christmas and she remembers people always lumping the two together so her mom would always try to make a "special" day for her to try and seperate the two. My birthday isn't as close to Christmas as hers, it is the first week of December but  my mom still  did everything possible to make it my"special"  birthday. Our Christmas tree was never put up before my birthday. Our tree went up the weekend after my birthday along with all the other Christmas decorations. That is how she did it, so that is how I do it, not sure if it is a tradition but I kinda like that she did that for me and I as I got older I really appreciated the whole "tradition" and what she did for me more. Over the years I have tried to make some of my own Christmas traditions with my kids...some stuck and a lot didn' know how some things go over with kids. I did however manage to salvage 2 of the many botched ideas, now as they are not that original my kids look forward to them every year. Christmas pretzels...

as much as she likes to make them...

I think she likes to eat them more...


And of course the Chrismas pj's they get to open on Christmas Eve...



I am glad you stopped by so I could share a little bit of my holiday tradtions with you and I hope this holiday season you all are having fun with all of your family traditions old or new!

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JJ's December Traditions

by JJ Sobey | December 10, 2011


Hi Ruby Rock-it fans! 

We're talking about favorite December & Christmas traditions this month, and every time I started to think about this post, it always came back to family.    We (me, hubby and the kids) road trip 14 hours every Christmas to visit my family.  (I'm the one who moved so far away, so I'm the one who travels back home to see everyone).   While I don't particularly enjoy driving that far when winter roads are an issue, I always look forward to the excitement of seeing all my family, and there is a bit of a sense of adventure when going on a road trip, isn't there?  Although, these warning signs on the highway are a little unnerving  (the size comparison is not an exageration)  ;)


I live in Montreal now, and we have fantastic bagel bakers in this city.  A new Christmas tradition that I started, is I always bring Montreal bagels back home at Christmas, and we have those with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast on Christmas morning. Mmm... now I'm hungry.  :)


A tradition that I started for myself, more than 20 years ago, is I buy a new pewter ornament for my tree each Christmas.  There is a wonderful pewter artisan in Nova Scotia, called Amos Pewter.  They make one new design each year, in their series of Christmas ornaments.  They are always inspired by nature, often by the sea, and always beautiful.  I love how they look on the tree, and I love that they are hand crafted.    This one is one of my favorites:


 What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


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Debbie's Christmas Traditions

by Account Deleted | December 9, 2011


Hello Ruby Rock-it fans!! Christmas right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about holiday your traditions. What traditions do you and your family celebrate with? You may have one and don’t even realize it. If you don’t have a family tradition, it’s never too late to start one! The best way to have a pleasant and meaningful holiday is to create your own family traditions. The most important part of a holiday tradition is that everyone participates and enjoys themselves.

First decide what part of the holiday is most important to your family. Is it religion, cooking a special dish that your family has only once a year, baking cookies for gifts, going for a family walk after your meals, ornament exchanges, playing board games?? There are literally hundreds of ways to create a family tradition. For me, at Christmas time I send each of my grandkids a snow globe. My family did this when I was little and I wanted to pass this down to my grandkids. I have some beautiful snow globes and fabulous memories of gazing into them and watching the glittery snow fall until every speck was settled. Every year photos with Santa are taken with my littlest believers!! This year Santa was a little scary for my littlest grand daughter Adalyn. She cried, but we still wanted to document it. It's still cute and there will come a time when she will love Santa!!


Another Christmas tradition I have is to add a new crystal ornament to the tree! This year it's a new dragonfly.

My love for scrapbooking and documenting our family traditions play a huge part in my holiday season. Don’t forget to hand these traditions down as your legacy, your family will always treasure these memories.

Merry Christmas!!


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Benedicte's december tradition

by Benedicte Raphalen | December 7, 2011


Hello from France!!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the Advent calendar. My little daughters can’t wait for Christmas day to come and it’s sometimes hard for them to wait such a long time. This is why, every year, we fill our Santa Advent calendar with chocolate and every day during Advent, we open one of the calendar’s “windows” to eat them. Doing this, my daughters can count the days and they quietly wait for their gifts.

Trad noel

Trad noel2

Trad noel3

See you soon :)!

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Becky's December Tradition

by Becky Olsen | December 7, 2011


Every year on Christmas eve our kids have got to open one package. This package hasn't been one that they get to choose, and after a few years they got savvy to the situation and realized that there was no denying mom this one thing she needs for her holiday celebration to be complete...

Matching PJs 07

Matching pajamas for all the kids. This isn't an easy task, and sometimes the girls have to be a little different than the boys to make it all work. As a child we always got pajamas on Christmas Eve as well, and I wanted it to be a little more fun and memorable so when there was just two tiny children, I began our own version of this family tradition.

Through the years some of the kids have tried to get out of it and it hasn't always been the joyful moment I would have hoped for (lots of bribing and cajoling on some years!) but now they humor me and have embraced it as a time to enjoy the wonder of the season. 

Matching PJs

The two years that Tyler were out of the country and couldn't participate in this tradition were some of the hardest moments during the holidays I have had. But that is when my awesome children took it up a notch and donned the matching hats that they picked out to make it all that much more worth while.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a treasured December tradition with you!


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Gina's December's Tradition

by Gina Lideros | December 6, 2011


Hi Ruby Rock-it fans!

Welcome back today.  I would like to share one of my favorite holiday traditions with you.  Each year, our family drives up to Apple Hill to cut down our family Christmas tree.

Trees c

Apple hill has several ranches that sell Christmas trees.  You can pick out your own tree, then they will cut it down and load it up for you.  There is so much to do and see at Apple hill.  We always enjoy fresh carmel apples there.

K c

They have a fudge factory where you can load up on sweets and learn how fudge is made.

M c

There is a large fishing pond, filled with ducks and fish.  You can rent a fishing pole for the day.


My kids like to hang out by the fishing pond and feed the ducks.

Kids c

They also have many small shops where you can pick up fresh apple pies and apple wine to take home.

When we are done playing at apple hill we get to take our fresh cut Christmas tree home. 
Frank tree

This is a tradition that our family enjoys every year.  The kids always look forward to bringing an apple hill Christmas tree into our home, and they look forward to decorating it too. 

Thank you for letting me share our favorite December tradition with you.  I hope that you come back tomorrow to read all about Becky Olsen's favorite December traditon.

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Rebecca's December Tradition

by rebeccak | December 5, 2011


My favorite part about the holidays is celebrating traditions -- past and present. I love remembering the ways I celebrated the holidays as a child and continuing those traditions with my own family as well as starting new ones of our own. I remember baking cookies with my Mom all day long until we were exhausted and covered with dough and flour. I remember my Dad cutting a piece of the christmas tree trunk and covering it with shellac so I could save it. One of my favorite traditions started when I was a baby. My parents bought me a new ornament for the tree each year.

When I had a home of my own, they sent me all the ornaments for my tree and continued to send yearly ornaments.

Now that I have kids of my own, we buy each of them an ornament each year so when they have homes of their own they will have plenty of ornaments to decorate their trees. Have a wonderful tradition filled holiday season!

:) Rebecca

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Amanda's December Tradition

by Amanda Jones | December 4, 2011


Hi Ruby Rock-it fans! December is my favourite month of the year and there are a lot of traditions that I love around Christmas time.

One of our favourite family traditions, started in recent years, has been hanging out with Santa on the NORAD website on Christmas eve.


We spend quiet time together as a family on Christmas Eve and we love snuggling up indoors, reading Christmas stories and following Santa around the world - all wearing our Christmas PJs :) Of course, we have to have an early night, otherwise Santa won't visit!

I'm excited about a new tradition that we will be starting this year, too. We recently moved to a tiny village and each year here, lots of people meet up and walk around the village to sing carols and post a Christmas card through the door of each home. We haven't decided if we're going to be 'singers' or 'supporters' yet, but either way I can't wait!

Happy December, everyone!

PS Don't forget to check out this post to enter our December giveaway!

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