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5 on the fifth | aimee dow

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 10, 2014



Hi and thank you for your company today.


Welcome to the first Essence Creative Team [ECT] blog post.

We'd like to introduce you to a small but fun activity we are all participating in throughout 2014.


It's no secret we are passionate about documenting our lives,-we wanted to give you a glimpse into our everyday, ordinary lives, hopefully sprinkled with some extraordinary "things" that you may find interesting. 

Photography is one way we tell our stories. We'd like to invite you to join us on this journey and document your lives by taking 5 photos on the fifth day of each month throughout 2014. 


We're hoping that thru the camera's eye you will see more and enjoy the daily little things that help us to craft a great life.



The 5th this month was a pretty ordinary day for me. I love Saturdays because more often than not, they are filled with the things I love, such as reading, baking and time with friends. This Saturday was no exception. I got up early to enjoy the quiet with my tea and magazines. It's a fantastic grounding ritual that I always find puts me in a great state of mind. I met a friend and her daughter in town to celebrate at dragons birthday party, before coming home for a late lunch. Lunch as you might have already guessed was an omelette with ingredients from our own garden. This is a point of pride for me because while I don't much like gardening, love the feeling of self sufficiency. The dying hours of the after was spent inventing, testing and photographing a new recipe for my blog. In a nutshell my perfect Saturday.



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