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A Feather Tutorial | Sketch contest reminder...

by June Goh | November 25, 2013

Hi and welcome back to Ruby Rock-it's blog. Have you noticed that feathers are gaining popularity lately? Here is have a quick and simple method to make some for your projects.



 1. First gather your supplies. The paper you intend to make the feather from, a sharp nose scissors and a bone folder or something with a blunt edge for scoring.

2. Draw a leaf/feather outline on your paper. It doesn't have to be precise just go with the flow.

3. Cut out the shape you just drew. Using your bone folder or a blunt flat object like a ruler's edge, score the middle of your cut out.

4. Using your sharp nosed scissors, snip from the edge towards the center where the score line is. Make sure you leave a small section close to the score line intact or your feather will fall apart. Once you finish cutting one side of the feather, proceed to cut the opposite side. Don't worry about getting it precise. Everything will look perfect once you are done cutting.


5. Fluff up the completed feather and you are done.


Here is a card I made with several feathers cut out from various patterned papers.




Wasn't that fabulous from designer June Goh?

Let's take another peek at our wonderful sketch for this month's contest, you still have a few days to get your submissions in!

Beckie Dreyer RRBF Nov Sketch

Thank you to Beckie for her awesome contribution...

And go HERE for all of our contest details!

And how about some lovely Bella! Christmas as a prize!

Bella Christmas 1

Happy Crafting from all of us at Ruby Rock-it!

Erin Yamabe


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