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A Glittery Star for Christmas

by Christine Santos | November 15, 2017
A Glittery Star for Christmas

Today I've got a glittery Christmas decoration to share with Francheville's range of Glitter Sets. I chose the assorted brights set with the White glitter to build upon my glittery star.

Francheville materials: Brights Glitter Set (Purple, Blue, Green, White) Bella materials: Purple Swirls Bling, Purple Fancy Flourish Bling, Purple Borderlines Bling, Purple Florals

I started with a blank star and generously coated this with glue.


I then liberally sprinkled the purple, blue, green, and white Francheville Glitter in different sections of the star.

I then adhered some purple Bella Bling around the star to compliment the purple glitter.

I then built my cluster from the middle of the star, matching the glitter shades.

I then added some texture around, with some more sprinkling of glitter on top.

I finished it all off by adding some more purple bling and voila!

The best thing about this star decor is that the colors are not only suited for Christmas, but also any day of the year.

I just love the sparkle and shades of Francheville's Glitter Sets. These little beauties are available to purchase at a Spotlight store near you. Thanks for popping in and I hope you enjoyed looking through my glittery pastel star decor and I'll be back soon for more glittery inspiration. Cheers,  

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