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A Little Gift Holder & Tutorial | Bella! style

by Pattie B. | December 26, 2012

Hi everyone.  Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!  Pattie here sharing a fun way to give the gift of cash.  If you have people that are hard to shop for, this is a fun way to wrap up some cash and they still have a gift to open.

Here is my money holder.

Let me show you how easy this is.

You will need Bella! Wedding Two Hearts range, Fundamentals Trim (#FNRR71), a 1 1/2" circle punch, a bone folder, a ruler, a hole punch, and Glossy Accents.

Punch out 20 circles.

You will need to score your circle on three sides to create a equilateral triangle in the center of the circle.  your first score will be at 3/8" .

Next you will line up the score line with a line on your cutting mat.  Mark the center of your circle with a pencil (this will be at the 3/4" mark).

Now you will line up the marks that you made earlier and score the circle.  You now have 3 score lines.  Repeat with the other 19 circles.

fold along all three scores lines.  Repeat with the other 19 circles.  This is a great time to bribe your children to help.  Starbucks Frappachinos work in my household.

Now you will start to glue the circles together.

You will need to glue 5 circles together to create a top.  Five more circles to create the bottom and ten circles to create the center.

Now you have a top and a bottom.

Punch a single hole.

Now it's time to glue the 10 center circles together.

Here is the tenth circle finishing up the center portion.

Now it's time to fold up some money and stuff it into the paper globe.

Glue the bottom onto the paper globe.  Make sure that the money is tucked in well.

Thread a length of ribbon onto the hole that you punched earlier.

Tie into a pretty bow.  You can now decorate with glitter, flowers, etc.  This is perfect for birthdays, graduations, party favors (fill with candy), or any occasion.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pattie Beltran


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