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A Sparkly Glitter Card Just for You

by Beck Beattie | November 8, 2017
A Sparkly Glitter Card Just for You

I had fun with the sets adding some glittery goodness to my card.

Products Used:
Francheville Glitter Pack - Forever Blue
Francheville Glitter Pack - Metallics
Faded Empire Floral
Fundamentals - Sentiments
Fundamentals - Doilies
Bella!  Glitter Cardstock - White
Bella Cardstock Square Card White

I wanted to take you through some fun techniques you can try on your own projects!

To start I used some washi tape to mask off lines that I would use to create my glitter stipe.  I worked from left to right with the strips of tape slightly overlapping as I went.  I also added the diagonal piece of tape first as this would be the last to be removed.  After adding some glue to the first stripe of white space I had left I added the rose gold glitter, pressed gently and then shook off the excess.

I then removed the strip of tape and placed it gently over the rose gold glitter.  Be sure to add a piece of card over the glitter area so that you don't remove it with the sticky side of the tape.  I repeated the process with the yellow gold followed by the white gold for a 3 colour stripe as pictured.

 I couldn't stop there, so I added some glue with a glue stick to one of the little white doilies.  Be sure to give a really good cover of glue.  I added the rose gold glitter, pressed gently and then shook off the excess. 

I then gently removed the glitter doily which was oh so pretty and I even love the stencilled effect I ended up with on my scrap paper! 

Once I added the embellishments and florals to the card I felt the flowers were a little dull as they were totally matt and against the pretty glitter they just didn't pop.  So I took a little liquid glue with a paint brush (be sure to give it a good wash straight away after using) and added some glue to the centers of the flowers.  I then used the sprinkle side of the glitter tube to add some of the white crystaline glitter to the the center of the flower.  

Gently shaking off the excess I was left with the most beautiful flowers perfect to stand along with my pretty card.

Here are some more pics of my sweet card so you can get up a little closer to the different elements.

I Hope you enjoyed my share today.

Happy Crafting!

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