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A touch of elegance

by Alicia Barry | August 15, 2016
A touch of elegance
This month at Ruby Rock-It, we are showcasing the brand new range of Fundamentals Basics Card stock and embellishments. The new range includes a full range of coloured card bases in three different sizes, paper butterflies, tiny tags and coloured clothes pegs, all in matching colours. 
While the coloured bases are bright and bold, for my tutorial this month, I have chosen to use the grey card bases to create an elegant set of cards.  I have used some patterned paper from the Memories mini theme, along with black corrugated cardboard, mini butterflies, tags and clothes pegs. 
Here's my first card for today, along with step by step instructions for those who wish to play along at home. 
Cut some pieces of white mesh tape (available from hardware stores), and adhere to either side of the card (it's self adhesive).
Tear a piece of black corrugated card. Layer this over the top of a pice of distressed background paper. 
Cut a scalloped tag in half and tuck under the top and bottom of the corrugated board. Tuck a small tag shape into the top of the distressed paper and clip a black clothes peg to the top. 

Cut a sentiment label from the background paper and adhere to the left of the corrugated board. Fussy cut some floral sections form the other side of the backgound paper and shape the edges. Adhere around the outside of the frame.

Finally, add some tiny paper butterflies, and apply some dimensional paint dots to the butterflies, and sentiment frame as shown. 


I also made a couple of other cards using the same materials, but with different card base sizes. 

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