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A touch of frost for Winter

by Chez Mathieson | June 12, 2017
A touch of frost for Winter

Hello this is Chez… The neckwear that I have for you is inspired by the frost that we have in winter. It sparkles like diamonds in the morning sun from everything it has touched. I hope you get inspired to Just Bead It as well…



JBZ34 – Glass Bead Strand

JBZ42 – Glass Bead Strand

JBI31 – Alloy Bead Strand

JBX38 – Brass Bead Strand

JBI95 – Glass Seed Bead Hank

JBZ56 – Glass Seed Bead Hank


Thread your first as a stop bead, 1 white seed bead. The threading on of this piece is 3 x Yellow seed beads, 1 x Black ball, 1 x Yellow Ceramic bead, 1 x black ball, 3 x yellow seed beads, 1x black ball, 1 x Yellow Ceramic bead…

The images show the threading pattern. The whole strand of Yellow Ceramic beads were used in this piece in the threading up section. When this is completed make sure you finish the threading pattern with 1black ball, pick up a white seed bead and stitch back into the black ball and along the yellow seed beads and through the black ball.

Pick up 4 x white seed beads, 1x yellow seed bead and 4 x white seed bead. Stitch into the next Black Ball and along the seed beads to exit out the black ball.

This is the image of what it should look like. You continue in this manner 4 x white seed beads, 1 x Yellow seed bead and stitch into the next segment till you have completed the length of the neckwear. This is the first row of four.

This image shows half of the Ceramic bead covered.

This image above shows all four strands on the Ceramic bead.

To turn when you are at the ends is as simple as going through your white seed bead and coming back along the threaded beads.

This section focuses on beading the ceramic bead. In the image above is the bead strands you have just created will be captured. Ladder stitch is what is used. The needle motion for Ladder Stitch is circular. The beads are put on 2:2:2:1, these beads are all white and the beads are put on 1 at a time. There is one less in the round  to compensate for the ends that are narrower than the centre of the bead.

You will be using the beads that are already placed to give a nice rounded edge.

In this image you can see that there is one completed Beaded Ceramic bead and the start of the fringing has begun.

To complete the beaded bead you need to come up through the white bead strands and exit out of a Yellow Ceramic bead. You pick up 2 x white seed beads, 1 x Yellow seed bead and 2 x white seed beads and stitch through using Ladder Stitch like you have done with the ends. Stitch through the Yellow seed beads from the underside so they lock together. You will repeat this once more, when this is done your next bead set is all white seed beads. You pick up 2 x white seed beads and stitch into the next bead strand at the Yellow bead. Pick up 2 x white seed beads and stitch into the last Yellow seed bead that you placed on your new beaded row. This is the pattern for finishing the beaded Ceramic beads. Make sure you place 2 x Yellow seed beads on each new section, there is no decrease like the ends.

The Fringing that has been started has 6 x white seed beads and 1 x yellow seed bead and the needle has been taken back through to the 6th white seed bead when it enters and exits to form a stop bead at the end using the yellow seed bead. Now place 5 x white seed beads on your thread and stitch into the next black ball. This should give you a nice pointy beaded shape. When you have completed the next beaded bead strand on your Ceramic bead, repeat the fringing and add 1 more white seed bead to each side of your fringing. 

The 3rd black ball and yellow seed bead segment is where you continue to increase your white seed beads by 1 each side and you can start to add more to the fringing. In the image above the Dragonfly segment has been added to the 3rd  segment.

The above set of image show the process that was used to get the fringing. From here a smaller fringing set will be put on to finish the fringing.

When adding the small fringing use the centre yellow seed bead. All five Dragonfly’s have a strand of smaller fringing above them. It should look like the image below.

Now it is time for the clasp/closure.

The above image shows the stringing pattern for the holding end.

The above image shows the ring formation for the closure. Always check the fit for your closure to make sure that you can undo the ends. The only thing one needs do from here is to re-force the ring and finish all threads.

Hope you have enjoyed this creation and have fun with yours too…..

Happy Beading.

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