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Amanda's December Tradition

by Amanda Jones | December 4, 2011

Hi Ruby Rock-it fans! December is my favourite month of the year and there are a lot of traditions that I love around Christmas time.

One of our favourite family traditions, started in recent years, has been hanging out with Santa on the NORAD website on Christmas eve.


We spend quiet time together as a family on Christmas Eve and we love snuggling up indoors, reading Christmas stories and following Santa around the world - all wearing our Christmas PJs :) Of course, we have to have an early night, otherwise Santa won't visit!

I'm excited about a new tradition that we will be starting this year, too. We recently moved to a tiny village and each year here, lots of people meet up and walk around the village to sing carols and post a Christmas card through the door of each home. We haven't decided if we're going to be 'singers' or 'supporters' yet, but either way I can't wait!

Happy December, everyone!

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