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Arcadia Die Cut Pocket Valentine Card Tutorial by Becky Olsen

by Becky Olsen | January 30, 2013

I love making cards.

I really love making Valentine cards! <3

VC Close final

Something about the process takes me back to 3rd grade when I got to decorate a box, hand write all the cards for my classmates, neighborhood friends and my very patient family  :)

I can still remember the feeling of happiness and joy that would go through me as I would watch their faces, and enjoy the thrill I got when I opened all of my notes. It is still the same to this day!

So I hope you will stick around for a minute and let me share a little tutorial on creating a die-cut pocket on a tri-fold card. 

Start with your 12" x 12" paper and measure into one side to 8".

VC 1

Measure the other side at 4 1/2"

VC 2

Insert into trimmer on an angle with the 8" mark lining up with the cutting edge at the top and the 4 1/2" edge lining up with the cutting edge at the bottom.

VC 3

Place the bottom edge of the paper in a scoring tool and score at 4" and 8" 

VC 4

I then used my Tim Holtz heart shaped Movers and Shapers to die cut the heart into the front panel of the card.

VC 5

A really great trick for a card that has height, is to insert the paper from the back of the machine so just the last few inches of it are actually going through.

VC 6

Sorry about the blur, my support staff was ready for bed and I was pushing my luck with her patience because I kept moving while she was trying to get a good shot  ;)

(Thanks Chloe, you are very loved and appreciated!!)

VC 7

Now that the card is shaped, I did a little sewing

around the hearts and stitched the pocket closed.

VC 9

I looped some bright ribbon into the Arcadia tags and then used a few of them to fill the pocket with "love you coupons"

I know a few people around here that would give mom a hug and kiss to get that dish pass  ;)

The pocket would also be great for a gift card or other small item like a piece of jewelry or photos.

VC final coupon

There is still plenty of room on the inside to write a mushy love note if you wanted to give this to a significant other <3

VC final inside

And it is a really versatile shape, would be great for loads of other occasions.

VC final 1

But, you gotta admit, making a Valentine's card is one of the best crafting feelings ever!

Happy Valentine Card Making  ;)


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