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Arcadia Spring Wreath Tutorial by Becky Olsen

by Becky Olsen | March 14, 2013

I had this little idea percolating in my brain about a sweet wreath to welcome the fresh, out of Winter, Spring Days that will soon be here. I cut, folded and glued and ended up with a wreath that I am thrilled to be able to share with you here!

Spring Pinwheel Wreath final

First I cut a huge circle out of a really big, left over shipping box.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 1

Then I got out the darling mini tags, and trimmed them into two pieces and

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 2

adhered them around the inside and outside circumferences of the circles.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 4

After that part of the wreath was completed I made a bunch of accordion folded rosettes out of a few different patterns of the Arcadia paper.

I then made three different sizes of pinwheels from other patterns.

To make the pinwheels start with a square of paper. (mine were 3" x 3", 4" x 4" and 5" x 5")

Trim on an angle from the corner into the center leaving about 3/4" that isn't cut in the center. Repeat for the other corners.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 5

Fold the tip into the center and staple or adhere.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 6

 Repeat for all four corners. Gently push and manipulate the outside of the paper to give it a soft bend.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 7

Get all of the components organized.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 8

Start adhering the larger rosettes and pinwheels onto the wreath.

Spring Pinwheel Wreath 9

Then add the other pieces, layering the large, medium and small as you work around the circle.

I added some beautiful blue vintage buttons that I had from my Grandma's sewing stash that mean a lot to me. They brought a cheerful crispness to the project that makes me happy!

Spring Pinwheel Wreath final close up 1

I can't wait to hang it on the front door to greet our guests!

I hope I have inspired you to have some fun and make a little wreath to welcome Spring and guests to your home  :)

Happy Crafting!


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