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Art Party Extravaganza

by Alicia Barry | June 28, 2017
Art Party Extravaganza
I recently posted some party invitations I made using the new Bella! Glitz glitter card stock. Here they are in case you missed them:
This past weekend was the party, and I made a few more things to co-ordinate using the same cardstock. The main thing I created was a treat stand. I have had this red one for years, and while still perfectly functional, the red was a bit plain for an art party, so I saw a really cute idea online somewhere of a palette shaped serving plate, and decided to extend on the idea to create this art themed stand. 
The before picture:
First I got some foam board from the dollar store, and using my original plate as a size guide, sketched out a palette shape. I made a smaller one for the top also.  I marked out where the slots would need to be cut. 
Next I cut it out. The easiest way that I found, was to use a sharp knife. I heated the blade over a flame (I used my gas stove). Be aware that the foam does smell as it burns, so outside would probably be a better option. I did have to keep re-heating the knife, but it worked perfectly.  The holes didn't need to be perfect, as I planned to cover over the edges anyway. 
I then just covered the base with strips if coloured card stock (Use liquid adhesive, this stuff is thick). I covered the plates in card stock, thenI traced the holes and cut them cut a little smaller so I could hide the rough edges. I needed to do the bottom plate in sections, as it was quite large. 
I hand cut some paint splatters to sit on top where the rainbow jelly cups would sit.  I made the popcorn cups from some plain, coloured card stock I had on hand. (Gitter would have looked great, but some glitter does rub off, so not good for food). 

For the top, I adhered some wooden sticks to a large brush from the dollar store. The bristles hid them perfectly, and then poked down the sides of the stand.

I also made some simple favours to go with the party. Strips of glitter card stock wrapped around water bottles is so simple, but looked really great on the table. I found the images online for free. The tag was for a party bag. I printed the label from the net, then mounted it on glitter cardstock.  I love how the card stock brought all of the elements of the party together.
Here's the painting table. The paint tins on the table have paint drips around the top also made with glitter card stock. The banner is made from paint chips from the hardware store with Happy Days glitter letters attached. So simple and easy. 
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