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Assorted Christmas Earrings

by Dominique Marando | November 5, 2018
Assorted Christmas Earrings
Hi all - today I am going to share with you a variety of different Christmas and holiday themed earring designs. I just love the assortment of Just Bead It Christmas beads, and thought it would be fun to show them off in a variety of different styles. I can't believe we are only 7 weeks away from Christmas! I hope everyone has a relaxing and peaceful time leading up to the holiday season.

Just Bead It products used:

  • JBZ41 - glass angel bead strand
  • JBXM51 - small 6mm glass pearls
  • JBXM53 - large 8mm glass pearls
  • JBXM06 - purple glass pearls with bead caps
  • JBZ27 - glass rice-shaped beads

Additional products used:
  • Silver headpins
  • Silver eyepins
  • Surgical steel hypo-allergenic earring hooks
  • Jewellery pliers (bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters)
Firstly, take one of the teardrop beads from the JBZ41 strand, thread a headpin through the bottom, and turn the tail to a 90 degree angle. Trim the tail to roughly one centimetre, and curl the tail into a tight loop using round nose pliers.
Using an eyepin this time, repeat these steps with two silver spacers from the same JBZ41 strand, plus a small glass pearl from the JBXM51 strand.

Then, using flat or bent nose pliers, grip the loop and gently bend it outward into an "S" shape, and attach to the other loop as shown.

Lastly, use the same method to attach a surgical steel earring hook to the dangle. Repeat these steps to replicate another earring, and the first pair is done!

I personally use surgical steel earring hooks because they are hypo-allergenic, and are less likely to irritate those who - like me - have sensitive ears. 
Teardrop glass bead and silver spacers from JBZ41, glass pearl from JBXM51
These steps are foundational to begin creating any style of earring. There are many different possible variations, but I have created four more to share for inspiration. Feel free to be creative and mix and match/improvise any of these designs. They are just to help inspire a few different design ideas.
Purple glass pearls from JBXM06, angel wings from JBZ41

Glass pearls from JBXM51, white howlite beads from JBI58
Angel beads from JBZ41 strand

Glass rice-shaped beads from JBZ27, large pearls from JBXM53

I hope you enjoyed this post - if you would like to view more of my designs, I also have an Etsy store called DominiquesWares which features more beaded jewellery.

You can also follow my Dominique'sWares blog

Thanks so much for reading - happy beading!

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