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Autumn Bloom Wrist Wear

by Chez Mathieson | May 22, 2017
Autumn Bloom Wrist Wear

Wrist wear inspired by these wonderful beads and the morning sunrise over the garden. I hope that I can inspire you to just bead it…. Happy Beading. 


JBZ10 Glass Bead Strand

JBZ27 Glass Bead Strand

JBX36 Glass Bead Strand

JBZ41 Glass Bead Strand

JBZ72 Glass Pearl Bead Strands

JBX81 Glass Bead Strand

JB100 Glass Seed Bead Hank


Thread your needle and place 1 seed bead then 1 pearl bead then one seed bead.


Stitch back through the pearl bead and then through the seed bead so that this seed bead sits with its’ hole facing away from the hole in the pearl bead, just like the other end.


Now we will complete the round. Thread on your smallest bronze bead, a seed bead, the medium size bronze bead, a seed bead, the largest size bronze bead, a seed bead, medium size bronze bead and thread your needle through the seed bead that is on the other side of the pearl.  You have half the pearl encrusted. Continue in pattern till you have the other side of the pearl encrusted. 


From here (see last image) thread back through the pearl so that you are on the opposite side to the start thread.

Pick up 1 seed bead, 1 large bicone, 1 seed bead a pearl and a seed bead.

(The above image has one seed bead short.) Stitch back through the pearl the seed bead to turn its’ hole a seed bead the large bicone, seed bead and finally through the seed bead attached to the first pearl.  Go back through the same beads but in reverse order so you exit out the second pearl and seed bead. This is the foundation of the wrist wear. We repeat this pattern and alternate between the large bicone and the small bicone. This example is made with 7 units of encrusted pearls.

Below are some images.

This is how the edging has been achieved. Come out of the seed bead and thread on a pearl and go through the seed bead and continue following the thread path till you exit out the seed bead on the other side of the large bronze bead. Complete this side and come around the last segment and repeat what you did on the other side.

The above image is the seven segments completed. With the edging completed.

To start the embellishments follow your thread path and exit out of the third segment through the seed bead. Thread on 2 seed beads, 1 metal spacer, 1 round bead, 1 metal wing, 1 large bicone and 1 seed bead. Thread back through all your beads except for the single seed bead.  Come back through the starting seed bead and complete the other side to get 2 floating segments.


Here we add 1 round bead as shown.  Stitch this back into the seed beads in a circular path. Go back through these five beads a few times to secure and strengthen your floating segments.

Now it is time to create the flower unit on the centre pearl.

Here in this image there are three petals completed. You start these petals with 1 seed bead, 1 large tear drop bead, 1 seed bead and bring your needle back through you tear drop bead and pick up 2 seed beads. Pace another tear drop bead and 1 seed bead and come back through the tear drop bead.

To complete the flower petals just continue to add in pattern so you have seven petals, like the above image. Join the first and the last seed bead and tighten. The centre pearl is the next segment to be added and this will complete the flower.


Complete the other side of your flower with the floating segments. When this is completed you will have finished the embellishments .

Now it is time to create the closure.

The above image is the beads in pattern to create the toggle section. This was started by using 3 seed beads, 1 small bronze bead, 1 seed bead, 1 medium bronze bead, 1 seed bead, 1 pearl, 1 seed bead, 1 glass faceted bead, 1 seed bead, 1 metal spacer, 1 small bronze bead, 1 wings, 1 large bicone and a seed bead. Stitch back through to the metal spacer and start the other side of the toggle. It will be the same as the floating segments on the bracelet.

This completes the toggle end. Now This next section will capture the toggle and stop the bracelet from coming apart. This is a fixed closure that is woven around the toggle end.

Place your working thread at the other end of your piece and start by picking up 2 seed beads and 1 pearl and 3 seed beads. Put your needle through the first bead on the pearl side and bring your needle out one of the other seed beads in this set of 3. From here your will create a ring with ladder stitch. In this case I used 24 seed beads in total to form the ring. 


I have started to strengthen the ring in the second image. To do this you pick up 2 seed beads and bring you needle down and through the 2nd bead along. Just repeat this step all around the ring. Before the ring gets to tight place it over the toggle end and procced to tighten and strengthen the ring.

And Finished…..


Hope you have enjoyed this bracelet…. If you are keen to make this and need some advice, please feel free to leave me a comment below.  Happy Beading.

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