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Autumn Sunrise Bracelet

by Chez Mathieson | May 8, 2017
Autumn Sunrise Bracelet


JBZ56 Glass Seed Bead Hank

JB194 Glass Seed Bead Hank

JB100 Glass Seed Bead Hank

JBX53 Brass Bead Strand

JBX60 Brass Bead Strand

JBX69 Resin Bead Strand


This bracelet was constructed using different beading stitches. The first part is made using Herringbone stitch. To get your first row in place we need to use Ladder stitch as the foundation.

To start we have to pick up 2 beads and stitch them together like in the image above. I leave a very long tail when I start.

You continue by adding 1 bead at a time until you desired length is achieved.

The above image is my desired length. It is 20 beads wide.

The next step is the Herringbone part. With your needle in the very last bead, pick up 2 beads and place your needle into the second bead in. this is one Herringbone stack. You will have 10 stacks in total when you have 20 bead wide start.

The image above is what the stack looks like when beaded. The needle placement is how this stitch works.

To complete the rest of the stacks, just continue to add 2 beads on the down and come up the bead beside the stack to start the next stack.

The above image is the first completed row with the turn step started. To get this right you will make the work sit and look right. With your needle you have added the last 2 beads in the stack and you will be coming up the second bead like in the image but just the one bead. You will step the needle across to the beginning of the stack and come up into the first bead ready to build on the stack. This will be required on both ends of the Herringbone piece. See image below.

Pick up 2 beads and place your needle into the second bead. Come down both beads that are below, then bring your needle up the 2 beads that are beside you last stack.

When you have completed this row, we have to do needle placement so we can stay in pattern. The above shot shows, come up 2 beads with your needle, then step across to the first bead. See image below.

We add 2 beads and come down 2 beads in the stack, with our needle we come up the 2 beads beside where your needle has existed.

Here we are ready to add 2 beads and come down 2 beads then up 2 beads. This is the pattern for doing Herringbone.

Continue on till you have the desired width.

The above image shows my desired width. To close and bind the last few stacks together, you have to continue in pattern but with no beads and the last row will be one bead down step across and one bead up. You are not adding beads here just binding them together.

The above image shows the start of the second step in the bracelet. Here I have added 1 gold seed bead, 1 small bead, 1 gold seed bead, 1 large bead, 1 gold seed bead. This is the pattern, continue on till you have 4 of the large beads and 5 of the small beads threaded on. Finish the strand with 3 gold seed beads but only stitching back into the first seed bead you have just put on, like in the image below.

Come back through the strand you have just put on. You will need to complete the other 2 strands on this side and 3 strands on the other side. I keep these strands in colour with the Herringbone piece. Second strand is done in white seed beads and the top row is done with cream seed beads. I have made the last strand (the cream seed bead strand) longer to fit on ones’ arm.

In this strand you will have 5 large and 6 small gold beads. You will need to do it on the other side as well. While I was completing the strands I embellished some of the herringbone to give it a nice dimension. 

I put 5 beads on the needle and come back 3 beads and insert the needle. This will bring the beads down on top of your completed Herringbone. The needle will exit in the middle of the beads that you have just put on. Stitch through the 3 beads and exit out the last bead. I just placed the colour with the colour I already had. So if the Herringbone has 4 white beads that is what you would put on your needle to do that next part in colour pattern. In this case I went over all the white and cream beads.

Now it is time to join the strands. I use Brick stitch for this. You will need to get to the end of the strand at the bottom and work your way up to the top or 3rd strand. We do this by using Ladder stitch to obtain the first row. 

Pick up 1 bead and place the needle in between the thread at the top and the bottom like in the above image. The first one is done and you are placing the 2nd bead. The next step is to place your needle up the bead you have just put on and exit out the top of the bead. Then we pick up 1 bead and repeat.

You decrease at each end to form this shape. If you continue to attach beads it will naturally go into a triangular shape. I just kept the colour pattern going.

You will need to do the same at the other end of your bracelet, like the image below.

At this stage it is very floppy. We will now create the bead work to go in between the strands.

Here is how to achieve the bracing. Place your needle into the large bead like the image above. Pick up 4 gold seed beads one large brass bead and 4 white seed beads and go through the corresponding large bead in the middle strand.

After you have gone through the large bead and pick up 4 white seed beads and come through the other side of the large brass bead, pick up 4 gold seed beads and complete this unit.

Continue working till you have placed the 4 units placed

I work from the centre out in this strand. We will be placing 5 units on this side

The above image shows this completed. The last one is completed by utilising the small bead below and the large bead above in the strands. You will need to mirror this on the other side of your bracelet. It is time to re-inforce the units we have created. I stitch in a figure of 8 to get the beads to sit nice beside the Brass centre bead.

It is now time for the closure/clasp. I start by securing 1 small bead 1 large brass bead 1 small bead, come back through the large brass bead only, pick up 1 small bead and secure with a few passes.

It is now time to work the other end. Pick up 2 white seed beads and do Herringbone stitch. Continue to form 1 stack till you have length. When you have the length pick up 1 bead and place your needle in the other side of the stack. Come back into the single bead and pick up enough seed beads in white to form a ring to go over the toggle side of the clasp you have created on the other side of the bracelet.

The project is now completed. Have a great time making this one. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I'd be happy to help you.  Happy Beading….

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