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Banishing the Winter Blues

by Melody Gillespie | July 3, 2017
Banishing the Winter Blues

Hi, it’s Melody here with my latest beading project!  You can’t really tell here in sunny Queensland, but it is actually winter in Australia, so I thought I would make something bright today and banish the midwinter blues - with some vibrant pinks, beautiful purples and a little bit of shimmer & shine.

I have had such a busy week, so thought it would be best to do a simple and fast beading style for today’s blog - things did not go quite as planned (insert smiley face here) - but I absolutely love this piece! 

I have never made a knotted necklace before and, well, I soon discovered that planning is key - mainly due to the knots! They can be quite tricky to do and undo and it is a little disconcerting to have to restart a project halfway!

To begin take some time to choose your beads and lay them out into the pattern that you like. You will also need a large bead or button to use at the clasp and a length of waxed thread as it is the best for this kind of design. Measure the length of the necklace you wish to make and multiply that by four. Cut your thread in one long length, fold it in half and then create a loop that will fit over the top of your clasp button or bead and put in your first knot!


You will also need to decide which knotting style you would like to use.  As per the pictures below, you can either thread the beads onto BOTH strands then knot OR you can thread onto ONE strand and then knot. For this piece, I chose to only one strand threaded through each bead. I really like the way it looks and also some of the beads that I used had larger holes in them which would have required larger knots to prevent them from sliding. It is good to consider all of this before you start.


A simple overhand knot is best as it is fuss free and easy to manage. As I was using smaller beads, it was important to have the knot sitting nice and close to each bead, however larger beads may suit more space in between the knots. Either way - holding the knot as you pull it closed will help you to guide it where it needs to go! It is definitely worth practicing a few times before you start and this will also help you to decide which style you like the look of.


After the prep work is done - you are on your way to creating something gorgeous! Thread your first bead on, complete your knot and away you go! When you get to the end of your length, make a knot and thread your clasp button or large bead through both strands and tie it off to finish. If you have used a large bead and are concerned about it coming over the knot, you have a few options – add another knot over the first one, thread on a smaller bead in place above it or add a little craft glue to the knot and you are done!

This process is fairly straightforward, enjoyable and very easy to do!  It would actually make a fantastic birthday party, baby shower or bridal party activity - and how lovely would it be to have a handmade piece of your own to commemorate such an event! 

As always, I encourage you to try new things in your beadwork. This technique is suited to such a broad range of beads that it would be almost impossible to create something that you don’t enjoy!

I love the look of this style - it feels beautifully bohemian. It has been very rewarding to try a new style of beading and the colours are just divine! It was a little time consuming - but I am so happy with the finished piece! Hope your next beading project goes well – have fun!


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