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Be Your Own Hero

by Trudi Harrison | July 2, 2019
Be Your Own Hero

It's Trudi back with you today sharing a project created with the new Bella! Super Hero Mini Theme.  This collection is so much F.U.N!!  
Just add some 'Catwoman' School Dress Up photo's and POW! BAM! BOOM! You can unleash your own hero! 
Ruby Rock-It! Products:
Fundamentals Basics Cards - greenand yellow
To Recreate:
 Cut out the red lightning bolts from the Jigsaw paper
Cut around the large clouds and bolts design from the reverse of the Collage Paper.
Also cut around a few of the Collage 'bubble' words. 
Arrange these elements over the blue side of Splat Paper 
Refer to the following picture for placement
Matt photos on coordinating cardstock - I used new colours available Basics Cards Fundamentals .  I cut the card in half at the score line.  Attached photo and trimmed around so that a thin frame peeks from around the photo edge.    
From the Jigsaw paper remove the 'Pow' word and 'Be your own hero' sentiment
From the Collage paper trim around 'Yeah!'  bubble word.
Remove a section from the Collage paper to create the base for the following embellishment cluster
Attach Yeah! over the top, then Pow and Be Your Own Hero   
 Attach in place across the bottom right hand corner of photo
 Cut out Bam! and Boom! from Jigsaw Paper and attach in place
Add a touch of 'Wonder Woman with a heart 'lasso' element - Trim from the Jigsaw paper and attach in place
 Trim a 12" thin strip from the Collage Paper, cut into different lengths and affix in place around the design  
I confess to having lots of fun putting this Superhero inspired layout together, I hope you do too, after all there is a little super hero in all of us!!  
Thanks so much for dropping by,
Till next time,

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