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Beaded Easter Cross Bookmark

by Chez Mathieson | March 26, 2018
Beaded Easter Cross Bookmark

Hi all, this is Chez. Today I give you an Easter treat with no calories..... A Beaded Cross Bookmark in Pink and Silver. As a child I use to crochet cross bookmarks and put ribbon through them. This is my little Easter journey in beads.


12/0 Glass Seed Beads Pink

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Metallic Silver.

Needle and Thread.


Thread up your needle and place a stop bead at the end. Just like the image below.

Pick up 9x Metalic Silver beads, this is the first row.

Pick up 1x Silver bead and do square stitch to attach the first bead of the second row. The images are below.


Continue placing 1 bead at a time in the same manner to build across the row. The row is 9 beads wide, so you will be adding 9 beads in total for each and every row.


The above 2 images show the completed rows 2 and 3.


Continue until you have 25 rows completed. Just like the image below.

From here we come across the beaded section, a row at a time until we have come down 8 rows. We go outwards from here with 6 silver beads added to from one of the cross sections.


The start is just like the start of the centre section, 1 bead at a time. When you hit the edge of the central section put the needle through the first bead and turn needle and put it into the next bead in the central section. You will exit the central piece ready to bead your first bead of the next row.


Six rows were completed to form the arm. When you are completing your last row, thread your needle across to the opposite edge to start the second arm.


The above images show that you work down one side and up the other side to balance the cross.

This is the cross section finished and you are ready to complete the centre pink section.

The needle is worked up to the 2nd top row. Come in 3 beads and exit, pick up 3x Pink beads and place needle 3 beads in from the other edge like in the image above. Turn your needle and do the same as above.


Just keep working this until you reach the longest section where the pattern changes to accommodate the arms of the cross.

The arm section has 16 beads in each row and there are 4 rows. Just like the image above.


Edging is the next step. Follow the images above to start your edging.

Here is the edging completed. Where the edging is horizontal use square stitch to attach to beading.

At the corners you will need to put on 2 beads to assist in going around the corner.

The above image is what has been done to make it sit firmer and to gain strength for this beaded project. Here the edge beads are stitched together in a side by side manner. It is reinforcing the central pink beads.

In the above image it is showing that just the central 3 beads are being used to get from the bottom to the top pink section. When this is completed go and stitch the edge beads in Pink on the arms together in the same side ways manner.

Stitch in all loose threads and your piece is now completed. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little adventure in beading.....

Happy Easter....

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