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Beaded Hat Pin Cushion

by Chez Mathieson | February 26, 2018
Beaded Hat Pin Cushion

Hi this is Chez.... Today I bring you a Beaded pin cushion. It is a table pin cushion because of the size, it measures 14cm diameter. You just got to love how beads transform some fabric into a useable object... Woohoo for beads! 


12/0 2cut Glass Beads Antique Silver

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Red

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Purple

Interfacing, Felt and clean stuffing, needle and thread.


First thing to do here is to cut your felt and interfacing to size.


The above images show how this was achieved. A very large coffee cup was used to get the circle.

From here put away the back and the interfacing and retain the top piece of felt.

Place a smaller circle on the felt as a guild for your first round of beads. Like the image below.


The foundation row starts with five beads and then come back down the felt and come back through the last three beads you just put on. Continue to put five beads on and go around the inner circle.

The above image is the completed inner circle in silver.

The next round is the start of the Peyote. The above image shows that one goes through every second bead in the foundation row.

The above image shows the start of the second row of peyote. It shows the step-up that is required to achieve even peyote. 

The above image shows that one only goes into the red bead that was put on in the previous row.

The above image shows the start of the next row, this time in purple. It is the same as the first red row.



The above images show how the pattern was achieved. The peyote pattern up to now is 2 rows red, 4 rows purple, 1 row red, 1 row purple and 1 row red. The next row is 1 row purple.

The above image shows the last row in even peyote. From here we make the stuffed section of the project.

Cut the pin section as illustrated in the above photo. Do a running stitch around the edge of the cut sections, like in the images below.


We now stuff it with clean fill. Pull tightly on the running stitch ends, so it forms a ball.

The above image shows the ball being finished off and secured underneath. From here it is attached to the base that the peyote has been worked.

The above image is showing how the needle moves in a peyote decrease. I have rolled some small sausages with the clean fill and bulked out the peyote so it sits nicely.

This is the next row and you are adding 2 beads in red and going through the red you put on in the previous row.

This image above shows 2 rows of silver worked at the very top of the peyote. Here is a good time to secure the ball to the peyote. One can achieve this by going through the silver beads and then through the ball and out the next bead.

The above image shows the completed peyote section with ball.

One row of silver beads using bead embroidery, just like the first row. Use this row to edge the peyote.

Now grab the rest of your felt and interfacing. Just dab some glue onto the inner layers and leave to set.


The above images show how to start the beaded edging. This being a circle it has its challenges. When doing this edging put your needle in on an angle and work clock wise. The needle angle is 2 o’clock staying with the clock analogy. 

The completed edging is in this image.

One more row to go.....


The above images show how to add the last row of red beads. You will be going around this edge twice.

The second row of red.

You have now completed a beaded pin cushion.

Happy Beading.... enjoy all your beading till next time....Just Bead It.....

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