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Beaded Pen

by Chez Mathieson | October 23, 2017
Beaded Pen

Hi this is Chez..... I bring you this exquisite beaded pen created from the new Just Bead It Seed bead range.  You can try them in different colour varieties to create unique looks. Today I am using black, white and clear crystal.  An imaginative way to jazz up the humble pen and give away as a gift.  Happy Beading!  


The above image is the only beads that were used.

Glass Seed Mix- 6/0 white, 15/0 crystal and 3mm black bugles.

A pen

Needle and thread.


The above image shows how to start the beaded pen. Thread on your 15/0 crystal beads about half way.

The above image shows the next step of adding a 6/0 white bead. From here add the rest of the 15/0 crystal beads and adding another 6/0 white at the end before you create a ring with this first row. To create the ring stitch into the first set of 15/0 crystal and the first 6/0 white you come to, pull tightly to fit snuggly around your pens’ body.

In this above image it shows the start of the next row. Pick-up 6/0 white, 2 15/0 crystal and 3mm black bugle.  

Stitch into the next 6/0 that you come to, and the next one above it, like in the above image. This is sometimes refered to as a step-up.

Continue in this pattern adding two sets of 2 x 15/0 crystal and a bugle through your 6/0 bead so that the 6/0 white has two strands coming out of each 6/0 white.

You add a 6/0 white on every second pass. One will have to add sets of four 15/0 crystal beads on the inbetween rows of 6/0 so one has a platform to stritch into.

The following images show the process.




Continue to cover your pen until you have the length you require.

The above image shows how to enclose the end. I started with the largest beads 6/0 white and stitched them in Ladder stitch. When this is completed, start by adding 15/0 crystal three at a time and go into the 6/0 white in the foundation row. 


The above images show the start of the second row. Here you add two 15/0 crystal and pick-up a 15/0 crystal from the previous row.


These images above show some of the workings for the infill at the end of the pen.

The above image shows the end completed and all threads are at the open end.

In this image there are a group of 15/0 crystal beaded into the ring.

This is achieved by picking up three 15/0 crystal and stitching into the second bead and picking up one 15/0 crystal and stitching into the ring.

From here you complete the ring in picots. Take your needle to the top of the picots you have just created. Pick-up one or two 15/0 crystal and stitch into the top of the next picot. Do this around the picot ring so it fits snuggly.

You will need to reinforce all your work.

Here it is all completed. This will make a great gift for the coming season..... Happy Beading! 

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