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Beaded Rainbow Brooch

by Chez Mathieson | June 5, 2018
Beaded Rainbow Brooch

Greetings.... this is Chez.... Today I bring you a fun and vibrant little beaded Brooch. I love the colours in this very, very much. So here is my take on a beaded rainbow.... Enjoy!


JBY13 Hexigon Glass Bead x 1

JBY36 Glass Balls

JBY75 Glass Bicones

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Pink and Rose

1 x Brooch back and 2 x Mesh

Needle and Thread.


The way this works is to have the top mesh facing like a dish and the second mesh sits fitting in the brooch back. We work the first mesh for the design.

The above images show how to start. Make sure your knot is on the domed side not the convex side.  This is the side we are going to bead.

The image above shows the beaded start. Pick up 5 Rose beads and stitch it into the centre.


The above images show how to start and finish a row. When you have come out of the new hole pick up 4 Rose beads and put your needle into the bead and then into the mesh as shown in image 2.

In the image above, the centre of the mesh is covered in Rose seed beads with all the arms coming through the centre bead.


The images above show how to place the Hexagon. Take your needle and thread to the outside edge and pick up 3 Rose Seed Beads and stitch through the top hole and down into the beadwork.


This set of images show the next round of beading. This is a combo of Pink and Rose Seed Beads. Two rows of Pink Seed Beads then one row of Rose Seed Beads.


The above images show the bicones and Pink Seed Beads being beaded. This is how all the bicones are added.


The above images show how to attach the second mesh. You will need to attach this securely. The third image shows the attachment completed.

The above images show how to place the Glass Balls. One Pink Seed Bead, one Glass Ball and one Rose Seed Bead. You then come back up through the Glass Ball and the Pink Seed Bead and stitch into two Pink Seed beads you stitched earlier.


The images above show the start of the seedwork round two.

Seed Bead to Bicone is 9 Seed Beads per Bicone.

Seed Bead to Ball is 10 Seed Beads per side.

With the Glass Balls you stitch through the Rose Seed Bead that was used in the placement of the glass Balls. So one would pick up 10 Rose Seed Beads, go through the existing Rose Seed Bead and pick up 10 Rose Seed Beads then stitch into the hole in the Glass Ball.


The above images show how to get the last Seed Bead rows.

The seedwork starts by exiting out of the middle bead on the side of the ball. Pick up 4 beads and stitch into the centre bead on the bicone seedwork. Pick up 4 seed beads and stitch into the centre bead on the next Glass Ball. From here you will pick up 5 Rose beads and 1 Pink seed bead and stitch into the 5th bead just under the Pink seed bead. Pick up 4 Rose seed beads and stitch into the start.

The above image shows how to work the single “fringe” in the bottom hole of the Hexagon. (From this point the needle got the better of me and the camera was a distant memory.)

The thread pattern for the above image is 4 Rose seed beads, 1 Bicone then 4 Rose Seed Beads then a Bicone till you have all the colours threaded on. You will finish with 4 Rose Seed Beads.

Stitch the above into the Hexagon. 

The above image shows a close up of the beadwork to complete the focal.

Bring your needle out the side of the yellow Bicone (left side in image) add 5 Rose Seed Beads, Clear Glass Ball and a Pink Seed Bead and come back through the Green Glass Ball, add 5 Rose Seed Beads and come throught the right hand side if the yellow Bicone.

Stitch around to the Green Bicone and add 5 Rose Seed Beads then stitch through the Pink Seed Bead and pick up 5 Rose Seed Beads, bring your needle down the Clear Glass Ball.

Now we need to reinforce the needle work. The last bead to add is a Pink Seed Bead in the gap of the holding beads on the Hexagon.

Now your Rainbow Brooch is completed....

I hope you have had some fun watching this piece come together.

Every day is a good day to Just Bead It

Happy Beading!


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