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Beaded Stone Choker

by Chez Mathieson | June 19, 2018
Beaded Stone Choker

Hi this is Chez.... Today I bring you a Beaded Stone Choker. This was loads of fun, a fair bit of work but the results are just wonderful. Thanks to the lovely beads by Just Bead It.


JBY25 Stone Beads

JBI70 Black Seed Beads

12/0 2 cut Glass Seed Beads Metallic Gold

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Lt Gold

12/0 Glass Seed Beads Frosted Gold

Needle, Tread, Felt, Interfacing, Parrot Clasp, Chain, 4 x Twisted Gold Jump rings, 1x gold small Jump ring.



This is the start of the beading process. Lay out the Stones like in the above image. There was no glue used.

The above image shows how to attach the Stones with the clear cubes that came on the strand with the Stones. This is the only time I recommend using a knot in your thread for starting, which is stitched through the underside of the felt. 

Continue to attach all your Stone beads. The above image shows the completed work.

This is the next step, needle and thread with seed beads. The above image illustrates the foundation row and the first 5 beads. Thread 5 beads (2 cut was used here)and snuggle them up against the stone bead, stitch down to the underside and then back up to the bead in the 3rd position from the last bead. Stitch through the 3 beads and put 5 more beads on and repeat till you have completed the circumference of the stone bead.

The above image shows the completed stone bead. From this point, reinforce your beads to give them some body. Do not pull your thread too tightly.


The above images show the start of the next round of beads. The start point is shown in the first image. The second image shows the first 5 beads in-situ and the next 5 beads ready to be placed. This beading technique is the same as the start row but it sits on top of the first row. Complete the inner edge and reinforce. Make sure you take your bead row over the top of the clear cube bead position.

This image shows the next step. Thread up enough beads to go across the stone. Thread through the 2 beads on the edge.

The above image shows the next step. Pick up 3 beads and stitch back into the 4th bead from your working thread. Come back through to the centre of the beads.

The above image shows the next arm of beaded stone focal. Thread up your beads and put enough beads on to go from the centre to the second side. Stitch it into the two beads on the second row you have completed. Pick up three beads and stitch into the 4th bead and up the second arm to the centre. Take your needle and back stitch around the thread, pull snugly. To complete the last arm repeat the pattern you have been applying.

You will need to complete all the stones like the image below.

Here is the completed crosses on the stone beads.

In this image the workings for the bead embroidery around the stone bead work. In this instance 2 beads are required to sit between the 2 clear cubes. The beads were taken corner to corner to create this pattern.

This image shows some of the workings of bead embroidery. 



The above set of images illustrates the bead pattern that was used.

In this image the bead embroidery is continued around your beaded stones for a 3rd time and attached in the same manner.

Here is the completed row of stitching.

The above image is the start of the bead edging. The iron on interfacing was put on after to enclose the thread work on the back. The 2nd piece of felt is used to stitch closed. (I used white so that you can see the process easier.)


These 3 images show the beads and thread path to form the beaded edge.

This image shows how to complete the edge to end it.

This image is the start of the chain and bead work to complete the choker. Bring your needle up between the layers and exit out the top layer. Pick up 2 beads and stitch them into the top layer of felt, exit out 1 of the beads.

This image shows the thread pattern.


The above set of images shows how the chain was added and the last of the beading for this end.


The above is the finished chain end.



The above set of images shows how the parrot clasp was attached and the last beading to complete this Choker.


Happy Beading on and all....

Every day is a good day to Just Bead It....

Till next time 

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