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Beaded Valentine's Day Neck Wear

by Chez Mathieson | February 12, 2018
Beaded Valentine's Day Neck Wear

Hi this is Chez... Today I give you my latest neckwear.... and it is for Valentines. Hope I can inspire you to Just Bead it... 


8/0 Glass Seed Beads White Lustre

8/0 Glass Seed Beads Rainbow

Lampwork Beads and 3 eye pins

Needle and thread.



This is the first step, threading on your beads in pattern on the headpins. 


Once the above is completed you will start on the beaded heart.

In the above image you will see the start of the beaded heart. One rainbow bead on the eye pin on the outside, then in between, use ten white, one rainbow, another ten white beads and then the other outer bead in rainbow for the other eye pin. (Your thread will not be secured so be careful not to draw the thread right through).

The image above shows how-to attach the next bead to the foundation row of the beaded heart. Ladder stitch is used here on the rainbow beads and Peyote stitch in white for the heart.


This image above is how to cross over to the other side of the heart. You will just stitch through the rainbow bead and into the next white bead on the second side.





The beaded heart is now completed.

From here we now add the two beaded rings on each side.

The above image shows how to work this ring. It is done with Ladder Stitch. There are eight beads per ring. From this ring we have the foundation of the neck section. One bead from the eye pin has been used to form the ring.


These images above show the work required to get to the neck section. The second image shows that you have to get the needle to the 4th bead in the ring.

The above image shows the Herringbone Stitch that will feature in the rest of the neckwear. 



The above images show the working of the stitch, the last image in this group show two longer stacks. I squeezed the stacks together to form the neck section. Only two stacks will be used to form the neck.


The above image shows the workings required to get the neck section. It is two stacks of Herringbone. Take note of where the needle and thread sit. It changes direction with each set (4 beads) you put on.


You continue working Herringbone to length. As you can see the closer is on the front on the back. I mention it here so you can make the choice to have the opening at the back if you so choose.

Now it is time to make the opening for the beaded toggle.



Here is the start of the heart on the opening. Here 15 rainbow bead sections have been put on two beads at a time. Pick up one white bead, one rainbow bead and one white bead then stitch down into the top of the stack. See Images below.


Now just follow the next set of images.





The above images show how one can work the heart and rejoin it to the side of the stack that has not been worked.



These are the final steps on the opening for the closure. I would recommend that you stitch 4 together working both sides of both stacks.


Now it is time for the toggle section. Follow the images:


The above images show how to start the toggle section with a ring of 6 beads.


There is only one more step here that one has to do. Firstly flatten your toggle like in the image above. Work at the ends to close. I have only worked the centre 2 sets of stacks. 

The above image is the other end of the Beaded Heart that will hold the toggle. Place 2 white beads on in Herringbone and build up the stack till it has 4 pairs of beads.

The above image shows how to attach the toggle. Using the centre of the toggle, go through 2 beads in the direction shown in the image then through the stack you just made. You will need to reinforce this work because it takes a lot of wear.

The above image shows that you are working over 4 beads on the toggle and the stand.

All that you need to do now is finish off all the ends that you have and you are done.

Well that is it for this time.... Hope to have inspired you just a little..... Happy Beading!

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