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Becky's December Tradition

by Becky Olsen | December 7, 2011

Every year on Christmas eve our kids have got to open one package. This package hasn't been one that they get to choose, and after a few years they got savvy to the situation and realized that there was no denying mom this one thing she needs for her holiday celebration to be complete...

Matching PJs 07

Matching pajamas for all the kids. This isn't an easy task, and sometimes the girls have to be a little different than the boys to make it all work. As a child we always got pajamas on Christmas Eve as well, and I wanted it to be a little more fun and memorable so when there was just two tiny children, I began our own version of this family tradition.

Through the years some of the kids have tried to get out of it and it hasn't always been the joyful moment I would have hoped for (lots of bribing and cajoling on some years!) but now they humor me and have embraced it as a time to enjoy the wonder of the season. 

Matching PJs

The two years that Tyler were out of the country and couldn't participate in this tradition were some of the hardest moments during the holidays I have had. But that is when my awesome children took it up a notch and donned the matching hats that they picked out to make it all that much more worth while.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a treasured December tradition with you!


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