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Black and Gold Layers

by Melody Gillespie | June 5, 2017
Black and Gold Layers

Hello, it’s Melody here - hope you had a great weekend? Today I have used two different types of beads to create a funky layered necklace. 


It is always good to try new things and as I was absolutely in love with these black quill beads, I thought it would be fun to try them out as I haven’t really worked with this shape before. Black and gold make a great pair and I chose these beautiful cube beads for their shimmer and the contrast in shape and colour.

You may have guessed already - I did not end up making what I set out to make. Originally I thought that a simple minimalist style would be best, however, once I had finished I just felt like there was something missing from the design - so I added in an extra layer to give the piece some depth.


I cut two lengths of beading wire and threaded the larger length of quill beads onto the longest one. After I had threaded the shorter layer together, I double threaded them into the longer strand and crimped the strands together. You can see the join and the crimp from the angle in the pic below, when worn however, it is barely noticeable.

I did actually try crimping them right where they join however, this affected the way the beads sat so I double threaded until about halfway along the length and then put the join in.


The next challenge was applying the crimp covers so they would blend into the beadwork - it is possible - if you really take your time. I find it good to use wider flat pliers to close the crimp and then the smaller ones to tidy.

This necklace is a bit of a statement piece, so I chose a short-mid length as it is looks equally good both above or just grazing the top of the neckline. 

Layering is a great way to add interest and texture to any piece. I encourage you to have a go and definitely try working with a new style of bead - it is a great way to stretch your creativity and of course add to your wardrobe!

Happy beading!!



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