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Bling It On!

by Beck Beattie | May 10, 2017
Bling It On!

Hi Everyone it's Beck BT here and as this month we are Blinging it up I thought I'd go all bling on a sweet card perfect for any occasion.

Products Used:
Bella! New York Paperz - Chevron
Bella! Florals - JA0254
Bella! Florals Bling with Fabric trim Blue - JA5219
Bella! Bling Hearts Silver - BG73
Bella! Bling Borderlines Clear - BG66
Bella Florals Silver - JA0411

After I layered my pattern paper using both sides of the same paper gave fun contrasting colours I began to embellish, first with the beautiful florals

Next I added in some sweet lace trim and bling, and accented the sentiment with the sweet bling heart.

Then I added sweet pearl florishes to accent the bling.  
I wanted my card to look extra finished so I added some bling heart inside the card as well as a decorative accent.

Hope you enjoyed my share today with a touch of BLING!
Happy Crafting!

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