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Blue & Silver Crystal Necklace & Earring Set

by Melody Gillespie | September 4, 2017
Blue & Silver Crystal Necklace & Earring Set

This necklace and earring set was created using only two different strands of beads from the new JBH beading range. Although simple and easy to do, the results are spectacular.

To make the necklace, I opened the loops on the first strand and separated out a strand of five beads for the centrepiece of the necklace.  On this particular strand, the beads are already capped and connected to each other, I only needed to open the eye loops on the ends of the two clear crystal beads to disconnect them from the other beads.

After measuring the length of the centrepiece beads, I folded a silver chain necklace in half and removed a section from the middle so that when I joined the two, they would be the desired length. Using my pliers I connected the eye loops to the silver chain and this beautiful necklace was done!


To make these earrings, I used two of the remaining beads from the first strand and chose four bead caps from another strand, two large and two small.

I threaded the larger bead cap onto each head pin first, followed by the blue beads and the small caps. Using my jewellery pliers, I cut the head pins to the correct length and created a loop in the top of each pin and attached them to the pierced ear hooks.


These decorative bead strands are perfect for a project such as this and it is a fast and easy way to create some stylish jewellery all of your own!


Just Bead It Beads:

JBH 58 Blue & White Faceted Crystal Glass Beads

JBH 59 Silver Bead Caps


Other Supplies:

Silver Chain with Clasp

2 x Silver Pierced Ear Hooks

2 x Head Pins

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