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Boho Beaded Mirror

by Melody Gillespie | October 16, 2017
Boho Beaded Mirror

Hi everyone, it’s Melody. Today I created a beautiful  boho beaded mirror! What a task it has been - but I really do love the result! I have wanted to make one of these for ages - I bought my mirror several months ago and as I had a bit of time up my sleeve and some new seed beads to play with today was perfect.

If you’ve never used a hot glue gun I can assure you that you will feel like quite the expert once you’ve finished this project! You will also need a mirror with a frame (mine’s from Spotlight) some beading wire or thread, cutters and of course some beautiful beads! This little mirror will take a few hours, but what a way to relax into a free morning or afternoon – think music, cup of tea, chocolate etc..  Also I would recommend if possible working on a large tray so it will catch any stray beads.


To begin, with it is a good idea to measure around the frame and work out how many rows and beads you will need.

I experimented quite a bit  in the beginning by lying a few different colours out but if you have a few extra beads on hand it is easy enough to change your pattern as you go.


For accuracy I chose to complete one row at a time from beginning of the process to the end and then started on the next one.  Each time to I roughly measured out the length of jewellery wire by holding it around the mirror and cut the wire with about 10 - 15 centimetres extra in length to allow for easier maneouverability when gluing the beads.  

Using the hot glue gun, apply a 2 - 5 centimetre line of glue and then use both hands to hold a similar sized section of threaded beads. Gently press the beaded length down onto the glue and repeat the process until you get *almost all the way around. By doing such small lengths it means the hot glue will not dry before you attach the beads and also gives you a few more seconds to slow down and get it right the first time.


*Now, the reason I ask you to go *almost all the way around is because there are a few small steps you can take to give your row a nice neat finish. Once the beads are glued almost around you can then back-thread or cross the wires through the remaining beads (see picture above right) and using the extra length in the wire hold them up above the frame - apply the hot glue underneath and then pull each end of the wire at the same time to get the beads strand tight and then press them into the glue.

This is also a really handy way to get the perfect amount of beads to finish each row. Once you have trimmed your ends your row is complete. Often there are a few little steps or a knack to something that can make a job so much easier - you just need to find someone with the know-how or like me you can unpick, unthread and unglue a few times until you work it out.  As long as you enjoy the process.


Once all of your rows are glued down, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will help remove any little glue strands.  If there are any extra sticky clumps, tweezers or small nosed pliers will to tidy those up.

Once you have given your mirror a quick polish you are done!  I have seen some people paint their mirror frames before they glue so that is another option but I am quite happy with the timber look. It is entirely up to you which colour, size and shape beads you choose, both small and large beads work well - I personally like the combination of textures the differences create.

This little project is great fun and would make a wonderful group activity and it is so easy to make a really personalised mirror - I think they are just gorgeous. As long as you have the time and a little patience all will be well - Happy Beading!


Just Bead It Supplies:


Size 6 White Glass Seed Beads

Size 12 Frosted Gold Glass Seed Beads

Size 6 Dark Blue Seed Beads (JBI 801)

Size 6 Red Seed Beads (JBI 56)

JBI 27 Red Howlite Beads

JBI 34 Red Howlite Beads

RBQ 37 Dark Red Resin Beads

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