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Bold and Bright Red Tassel Necklace

by Melody Gillespie | September 18, 2017
Bold and Bright Red Tassel Necklace

I was inspired by all the bright energy of the Brazilian Carnivale when I created this piece.  It is full of bold and beautiful colours! There are two sections to this design, the tassel pendant and the intricately beaded length. I really like the combination of red, yellow and gold and the different shapes and textures of the beads go really well to create a necklace full of wonderful summery vibes.

Tassel Pendant

To create the pendant, thread one small gold bead and bead cap onto the eye pin followed by the large red faceted bead and cap at the other end. Using your fingers and flat large pliers if required and fold the bead caps around each end of the bead so it fits snugly and evenly over the bead. Thread on the other small gold bead and create another loop in the eye pin to hold everything in place. Before you close the loop completely, thread the top through the top of the tassel and close tightly with the pliers.


Necklace Length

Start by attaching your clasp to one end of the jewellery wire, looping and crimping – add the crimp cover and thread on 5 x large red seed beads.

Thread on (16 each) of the red and gold beads & the large red seed beads; begin with a red and gold bead and alternate with the seed beads.

Now to add the variation in, thread on: one yellow seed bead, one red and gold bead, followed by a gold daisy spacer, red seed bead, round gold bead, yellow seed bead, round gold bead, red seed bead and daisy spacer. Finish off this small pattern with a large red & gold bead and a yellow seed bead.


Next thread on 5 x Red and Gold Seed beads with (4) large red seed beads threaded in between, add a yellow seed bead at the end, a red and gold bead, a large red seed bead and then one more red and gold bead – the first half of the necklace is now done!  Create a short section for the pendant metal loop to sit on – by threading on 2 small red seed beads, the tassel pendant and 2 more small red seed beads.

Copy the pattern in reverse to complete the other half of your necklace! When you get to the end, thread on your gold crimp then add the wire guard. Pass the wire through the wire guard then place the extender chain into the centre of the wire guard. Thread the wire through the crimp and back through a few of the beads and pull tight remembering to leave space for the crimp cover and close the crimp. Add on your gold crimp cover and you are done!

Hope you love your new necklace!

Just Bead It Beads:

JBH10 Red & Gold Glass Beads

JBH57 Gold Beads & Bead Caps

JBH03 Red Faceted Bead

JBI 95 Large Yellow Seed Beads

JBI 56 Large Red Seed Beads

JBI 63 Small Red Seed Beads


Other Accessories:

Gold Wire Guard

Gold Extension Chain  & Gold Lobster Clasp

80cm Beading Wire

Yellow Tassel

5cm Gold Eye Pin

Gold Crimps & Crimp Covers

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