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Bollywood Bright | Earrings

by Melody Gillespie | April 17, 2017
Bollywood Bright | Earrings

Hi it’s Melody here! Welcome to my Easter bead blog post! This time I have been inspired by the bright and beautiful colours of India. I am on my way to a beachside outdoor Bollywood themed dinner party with my extended family this Easter, so, I have created some bright and colourful pieces to go with our vibrant attire! 

I really love the colours in these earrings; there were quite a few to choose from but these are beautifully rich and go well with both gold or silver - today I went with silver! As most of the fine detail in these pieces is in the silver beads and findings, the consistency in the colour works well in allowing both the detail and bold colours to shine through. 

Earrings can take time - especially if you are as indecisive as I am! There are just so many ways you can place the beads, I did spend quite a bit of time trying out different beading patterns on these earrings, but I always find that it is well worth exploring your options.

I generally try to keep my earring wire/pins open and unbent until I have decided on the final design - sometimes I have five or six different designs to choose from - however, I must admit, even then, every so often I just have to undo and redo a few wires to get the result I am after. 

Just don’t be afraid to experiment as you go - sometimes a simple change in the pattern can make a big difference. Generally I tend to stick to a single straight drop of beads however this time I wanted extra dangly earrings so I played around by adding in a few different joins in each pair. They are now full of movement and really dangle and swing well.

I will also say, it is a good idea to think about the direction of your loops/eyes in your earring wires/pins and how they will sit before you get out your pliers - it is always better to bend just the once. I also like cutting my earring wires/pins in pairs so it is easier to create evenly sized loops when you finish your piece. 

I am so pleased with the way these earrings turned out! These beads are such beautiful bold colours which are wonderful to work with and although these earrings all use the same style of beads at the core of their design, the end result is three completely unique pairs. They really do make quite a statement - there are just so many ways you can use your beads! 

I hope this helps to inspire you in creating some bright & beautiful earrings. Hope you had a happy holiday! 

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