Ruby Rock-It


by June Goh | February 20, 2014

Hi RRBF fans, it's June here today. In celebration of love, I have a layout to share. A reminder to my boys to always love and be there for one another.


I totally love the various letter stickers that RRBF carries. Mixing the various stickers and fonts is just so fun.



JA31- Bella! J'adore 12x12 Cardstock - Forever Yours

JA09- Bella! J'adore 12x12 Cardstock - Damask

RCK58 - Carnival King Pockets 71pcs

RCK82 - Carnival King 12x12 Cardstock - Barber Pole

FN03 - Alphabets x 1404 pieces - Black - 6 x 5mm Sticker/Letter (SKU: 9312271015203)

FN10 - Alphabets x 1404 pieces - Red Flocked - 6 x 5mm Sticker/Letter (SKU: 9312271015210)

FN81 - Sparkle Alphabet 112 pieces - Choc - 20mm (SKU: 9312271016781)




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