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by Linda | September 3, 2013

Hello Ruby Rock-it friends!  Linda Kretz here to share with you a bulletin board I created for my grandson, Austin, who is in middle school.  We at Ruby Rock-it are featuring the wonderful, colorful Bella! Boutique Paper Ranges and embellishments that are perfect for kids! 

My project is a simple bulletin board that kids can either create for themselves, or a project you can share in creating with them!

I found an inexpensive corkboard bulletin board and decided the idea was great for the fabulous primary colors used in these ranges!  I chose four of the papers, and cut them to fit the board, which measures 23 X 17 inches.  I used small strips of the black and white polka dot paper to separate the sections.  I trimmed the edges with black rick rack and black and white straws  - lots of fun for kids to decorate with.!

This was a piece of red chalkboard paper with gold writing - so perfect for the back to school theme.  I used some of the white ruled paper; trimmed with black, and used some of the Bella Cardboard Stickers with school icons, and Papers Notes.  This collection has so many fun pieces for kids to use!

I enjoyed the bright colors and wording used on this paper.  I chose some strips from some of the other papers and created an award ribbon for a "Star Student".

I hope you have enjoyed this bulletin board, and will love working with these Bella school ranges as much as I have!  It was simple, fun, and so colorful!







Many thanks for joining Ruby Rock-it today.  Try this Bella Inspiration Kit and see how much fun you can have with your kids and the delightful projects you can create together!


Happy Crafting!


Linda Kretz 


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