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Butterfly Beaded Tassel

by Chez Mathieson | May 7, 2018
Butterfly Beaded Tassel

Greetings everyone, this is Chez... Today's blog post is all about Tassels which I had so much fun making.  I fell in love with the pink glass butterfllies from Just Bead it.  Here is my effort to make a mum happy on Mother's Day.


JBY98 Pink Glass Butterflys and Round Glass Balls, JBY74 Glass Hearts, JBY29 Pink Bicones, JBI96 Black Spikes Dyed Howlite, 12/0 Glass Seed Beads Frosted Black,12/0 2cut Glass Seed Beads Silver.

Wool 8ply, craft ribbons x 2, 14.5cm length of cardboard, felt and metal Butterflies.


To start this piece tie your threads like the image above. This is the start of the tassel.

The above image is the wrapping around the cardboard to get the tassel. Make sure your knot is at the bottom of your work.

When you have done twelve wraps, insert another length of ribbon (30cm) and tie off with a surgeons knot. See image below.

This will be used as your first binding. Slip your bundle off the cardboard. Do NOT cut.

To do the binding take both ribbons and do one twist at the back and bring the two ribbons to the front and around to the back and do the same twist. Do this and tie off.

The above image shows the last use of the ribbon. Cut a length (60cm) of ribbon and tie together with a Surgeons knot. Slide your newly created knot inside your tassel.

This is the second binding to wrap the top area of the tassel. This was done with the 3cm wide 10cm long piece of felt. This is to make sure you have some over lapping of the felt. Stitch the felt closed with many small stitches, like in the image above.

The above image shows the slip stitch row that we pull tight to get a slight curve in at the top of the tassel.

In the above image it shows the beginning of the beading process. Here make sure you keep the ribbon in the centre of the piece. Place 8 beads on one side of the ribbon. Stitch the beads on in a circular fashion. Bring your needle out close to the beads just placed. Pick up your next round of seven beads. Work one side at a time in decreasing number of beads.

The above image show some more detail. From here stitch the centre beads to give some rigidity.

The above image shows the start of the metal butterfly row. Come out the bottom of the seed bead row add one black seed bead, the metal butterfly and one black seed bead. Stitch into the felt and exit out the felt as near to the next seed bead.

The above image shows the completed row of metal butterflies.


The first image shows the next set of beads that were used. Thread up one black seed bead, one heart and one silver glass bead. Stitch this into the space between the butterflies, so that the black bead is at the bottom. See image below.

See the completed heart row. From here, come out the black seed bead.

The above image shows the adding of the pink bicones. They are attached through the black seed bead like the image.

The above image is the beginning of the next row. Here two black seed beads are placed on the needle then the round glass bead and a black seed bead. Take your needle through the round glass bead and pick up two more black seed beads and go through the pink bicone to start the next one.

The above image shows the next row threaded and ready to stitch. At this point come back up through the silver bead and then back up through the rest of the beads on the thread.

There was one more metal butterfly added between the space left from the last row added. There are three pink glass butterflies added, in between there is three black spikes added also. The threading pattern for the black spike is one black seed bead metal butterfly, two silver seed beads, five black seed beads, one black spike and four black beads. Stitch up through the first seed bead that you placed on your needle and through the rest of the beads above. See image below. 

This is now the completed tassel. Only one last step now that your work has been reinforced. Cut the loops at the bottom of the tassel.

Thanks a heap for following along....

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mum’s out there!

Happy Beading.... Everyday is a good day to Just Bead It.

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