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Christmas in July Bracelet

by Chez Mathieson | July 24, 2017
Christmas in July Bracelet

Hello this is Chez…. I chose to do a Christmas in July Bracelet. The wonderful colours of the beads from Just Bead It inspired the design and the theme. I hope you enjoy….


JBZ66 Ceramic Bead Strand, JBI80 Shell Disk Bead Strand, JBI18 Glass Seed Bead Hank, JBI63 Glass Seed Bead Hank, JBZ59 Ceramic Bead Strand and JBI34 Dyed Howlite Bead Strand.


As the image shows, thread on eight beads in the pattern shown. Stitch it into a round.

The above image shows how-to start the second round and how many beads to place onto your thread. 


The above image shows one side of the bracelet completed with ten rounds.


This is the creation of the focal point or center of the bracelet. I have stitched through the heavier beads a few times to give support and strength.

The above image shows the full length of the bracelet with ten rounds per side. Now is the time to create the features.

I designed this to have the heavier beads at the bottom of this piece.

Complete so your bracelet looks like the image above. Time to tie it all together.


The working thread exits out of the heavy beads and you stitch back into the strap.

After you have completed the first side snake the thread through and repeat on the top side, like in the image above. The number of beads that were used to create from the center of the bracelet is five seed beads, so the pattern is created by using sets of three beads at the ends and where it touches the focal and five seed beads in the center of the straps. See image below.

The above image shows one side with completed seed work and the finishing touch to the front of the bracelet.

To make the toggle follow the images below. 




Time to add the last section of embellishment. The images below show how this was done. I used 5 seed beads on both sides to attach the large red bead and 4 seed beads each side to tie it done. You go through the last of the 5 seed beads to to get the shape correct.


Below is the final step. Place a shell bead between each big red bead. This also helps to re-inforce the beaded embelishment.

Happy Beading one and all…. I really hope that you have been inspired to JUST BEAD IT……Chez

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