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Comet Beaded Wall Hanging

by Chez Mathieson | December 29, 2017
Comet Beaded Wall Hanging

Hello this is Chez.... Today I bring you another beaded gift.... This Comet Beaded Wall Hanging was inspired by the space programs that I have seen recently. The Blue/Green is the plasma that surrounds every comet.

I hope I can inspire you to Just Bead It.....






Felt cut to shape x 2, Stick and Threads.





The above images show how one has started with the Comet being in the matt black seed beads. You can make this any shape you desire.

When you stitch this piece the thread is on show and part of the design. The beads sit hole up.

With one of your felt cut-out pieces attach your thread from underneath with a few knots.

Pick-up two beads and attach them with holes facing up.

Do a single row to of faced up beads to get your shape for the comet. Then come out the top of the bead and put another row over the top of the first row.




The above images show the working of the Red before we fill the Comet in. Here you can see how the stitch is worked into a pattern with the thread.


Here I have come up through the two beads that started the Comet.

Pick up nine beads and put the needle into the opposite side to where you have started.

Come up beside the row you have just put on.

Pick up eight beads and place needle into the opposite side to start.

Bring your needle up into the first nine beads, come out of this row about three beads up and secure to the second row you have just put on.

Only every second or third bead is required to secure them.

Repeat on the other side and decrease your beads to shape the ends of the comet.


The above images show the plasma being added.



The above images show how to take your beading off the felt.


The above images show how to do a very quick beaded edge to join to the backing Felt. It is the same stitch but turned sideways. 


The above is a stick (NSW Christmas Tree). We group three x four strands to create this quick plait. It is attached to the stick with two knots per side and pushed to the back to help it sit.



The above images show how to do the straps to hang the Comet. Come in and equal amount to give balance. This is Herringbone Stitch.


So here is the finished Comet Wall Hanging. I hope you enjoy making your own very special version for a loved one.... Happy New Year everyone and keep on beading!

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