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Cook Collection Gift Bag by Becky Olsen

by Becky Olsen | February 23, 2013

The "Cook" collection is one of my favorite ever! It has been so versatile and I have loved reaching for it for so many projects! I really enjoy crafting off the page projects, and gift bags are at the top of my favorite list of things to make :)

Cook gift bag close

Because you can never have enough cards or gift bags sitting at home for those surprise events, use some of your larger chunks of chopped up papers to cover both sides of a bag. For that extra special touch, find unique objects that really add dimension and depth to the message you are giving with the gift. How fun would this gift bag be filled with some cute kitchen utensils and a gift card for a new bride?

Cook gift bag front

I took the extra step to cover the back of the bag as well so that it would be sassy from both sides. I just folded the bag down the center of the bottom so I could adhere the paper to both sides without having any unsightly bending when I was done.

Cook gift bag back

So, do you love the Cook collection as much I do? It makes for some very happy crafting  <3


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