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Crabs' Day Out | Seed Bead Neck Wear

by Chez Mathieson | January 15, 2018
Crabs' Day Out | Seed Bead Neck Wear

Hello this is Chez..... Greetings for the new year... Today I present to you Crabs Day Out.... I went with the holiday theme.... I hope you enjoy!




JBI64 Malay Jade Bead Strand

JBZ02 Glass Bead Strand

JBZ26 Glass Bead Strand

Lampwork Bead


The above image shows how I started this necklace. Place four beads and a large bead on your thread and stitch through the centre of the large bead to cover one side of the large bead.

Place six beads on your thread and go through the middle of your larger bead, then with just your needle go through four of the beads you have just put on.

The above image shows the connection beads that are being used throughout this necklace. Place two beads on your needle (in a contrasting colour) and stitch into the middle two beads in a circular motion.

This image (above) shows the steps that were used to achieve the pattern. After you add the contrast beads you stitch two beads onto the piece. From here you have the start of the next section with the large bead. You pick up two seed beads, a large bead then two seed beads. Just like the image above. This I call the foundation.

The above image shows how to complete the section. Pick up six seed beads and enclose the large bead.

The above image shows half the necklace length with the start of the focal section. Here I have used the lighter smaller green beads and instead of stitching these two beads to the necklace section, it starts the focal. From here I added a lampwork bead and then placed the drop section in pattern then stitch up the focal and you are ready to start the left hand side of the necklace.


You will have noticed that there is free space on your bead sections. Here will fill in the gaps. At the bottom of the large bead place a smaller bead between the seed beads like the image above using your seed bead as the thread path.

The next section is the joining beads turn for some more beads. Here I come out of the joining bead section (in the lighter colour here)and add one seed bead and then one small light green bead then one seed bead. Complete each section in the same manner.

The above image shows the complete section with the needle in the start position for the next round of beads. 

This is the next step. Here we use the fringe we created in the last row. Your needle direct is important here.

The image above shows how to re-create the fringing that has been used.

The above image shows how to start the mirror for the left hand side of the neck strap, and a bit of work on the focal.

Here is an image of what was created. From here we create the toggle and ring for the closure.


The above images show the toggle section being created. The other side of the neck strap will have a ring of seed beads as the closure. Just like the image below.

From here you will need to re-inforce your work. This is not light so it needs to have your beads full of string to prevent breakage. Now the neckwear is complete.

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Hope I have been able to inspire you.  Happy Beading!

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