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Creative Cards | Mixing it up with Candice

by Candice Elliott | August 8, 2014
Creative Cards | Mixing it up with Candice
Welcome back everyone to Creative Cards!
Today I added a few things that I have been wanting to dig into.
First are the simply pretty white tags and 
then gorgeous vellum.
I also did a little detail cutting to the shapes of 
the cards just for something different.
Let's take a look!
I used a punch for the bottom of the tags and
turned them upside down to show the punch pattern.
I have to add butterflies, flowers, and layering to the mix.
Again I used the punch in the same way and lovly vellum.
I love the strength of this vellum.
It has a thicker feel to it but still remains to be delicate at
the same time. 
The design is gorgeous!
Card play is always such an awesome thing with
so many different ways to create them.
I hope that you have enjoyed.
Thank you!

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