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by Shannon Morgan | November 24, 2015


RRI-11-23, 1, Shannon M. 02-RRCT-_blogg_banner

1. feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.
I'm very grateful for so many things each day. This year has brought our family home, it's an especially great year. The kids started at Our Lady of the Lakes and they are thriving, happy, safe and have wonderful, wonderful friends..which is exactly what they needed after living in Georgia. Grateful is a state of mind, a way to be all of the time. Never take for granted what you have, you know the saying...what you're taking for granted, someone else is praying for. 
All the heavy aside, I was inspired to create a card using some Ruby Rock-It, that seem very perfect for the time of year, the Thanksgiving feel and all of the fall (now almost winter) weather brings.
You'll see a familiar little character on this card, I keep going back to it, this owl just seems to return to me again and again when using Ruby Rock-It.
You're beginning with a standard 4.25" X 5.5" card base. 
RRI - 11-23-15, 2 Shannon M.
Shannon Morgan 2-001
You're going to build layers from here:
RRI- 11-23-15, 3 Shannon M.
Shannon Morgan 2-001
I'm very fond of layers.
RRI-11-23-15, 4 Shannon M.
Shannon Morgan 2-001
This is the time to add the owl, the sentiment and any little touches you'd like to add.
RRI - 11-23-15, 5 Shannon M.
Shannon Morgan 2-001
Here is a shot of the card, complete and ready to send off or personally hand to someone you're grateful for!

RRI - 11-23-15, CARD, SHANNON M.
Shannon Morgan 2-001
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