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Creative Cards with Candice

by Erin Yamabe | July 4, 2014
Creative Cards with Candice

 Welcome again everyone!
Today I thought that we would focus on
one card and enjoying the little details that
go into it.
Quite often we can get caught up in
the excitement of an idea and
start to rush through to see the end result.
After it is all done the final product is
amazing but there is a small lack of
something there still.
We totally miss the meaning behind it all.
I know I get there from time to time and
have to pull myself back into the moment.
This is the process in which I went through with
this particular card.
I stepped back and just let the
creativity flow.
Every little piece, every little floral flower,
every little die-cut embellishment,
and every paper used was
loved in creating this card.
It was wonderful.
Thank you so much for stopping in!
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