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Creative Cards with Monique

by Monique Liedtke | July 18, 2014
Creative Cards with Monique

Hi Ruby Rock-It fans! For today I've created two celebration cards using the Carnival Queen collection, 5x5 square embossed cards and tools from Epiphany Crafts. 

To create the cards I used the Fundamentals embossed cards and folded the front of the card in half. I created a decoration for the card and adhered it to the lower half of the front. I used two Epiphany Crafts bubble caps to make the card stand up, like this:

And if you want to put the card in an envelope to send it, just lift the front a bit and fold it flat again, like this: 
Hope you like it! 
Here's my list of supplies: 
Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool Star 25
Epiphany Crafts Bubble Caps Star 25

This is it! Thank you so much for stopping by Ruby Rock-It's blog today!

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