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Dark Blue Crystal Set

by Melody Gillespie | October 2, 2017
Dark Blue Crystal Set

Hi everyone! Its Melody here with my bead blog. Today the jewellery is centred around this beautiful strand of dark blue crystal and silver foil lamp work beads from the JBH range.

Christmas is well on the way and I have started to think ahead for gift ideas so with that in mind, I created this jewellery set with an avant garde style bracelet and a matched crystal bar necklace.

To start I cut an existing chain necklace of about 18 inches in half. I chose this length as I wanted the completed piece to sit midway above the neckline. To create the crystal beaded pendant, I used an eye pin (with one loop already done), added the beads and finished with another loop then attached each end to the chain. This is actually a great way to reuse or update old chains that you may have lying around.


When I threaded the crystal beads on, I added a silver ball bead to each end. Small details are important when you are designing such a minimalist piece of jewellery and adding that little extra just gave it a nice finish.

As I had quite an assortment of beads left over, I thought a funky little bracelet was just the thing - so away I went.


I threaded and rethreaded and using my phone to remember patterns I liked, eventually came up with an overall design that I was happy with. I added a fob clasp as it seemed to suit this style. It is great to have a few different clasp options as it really can add to the overall feel to a piece.

When using such an eclectic range, it is good to create some symmetry in your beadwork with repetitive patterns or texture - I feel that it just helps your eye to flow along the beadwork a little easier and allows you to show off the individual beauty of each bead. 

Although I am not much of a ‘blue’ person I am in love with this colour combo - this shade of bright silver just plays so well with the rich and vibrant blue.  Bar necklaces are everywhere at the moment and they are quite easy to make. Paired with this style of bracelet, it is such a versatile set that can easily be worn separately or together for a formal or more simple occasion and what a fantastic gift idea! Hope this inspires you to create for someone special - Happy Beading!


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