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December Traditions ~ Sarah

by Sarah Hill | December 3, 2011

I can NOT believe it is December already!!! Where has this year gone? It feels like it just started. December, for me, is all about family. This time of the year is when all of my sisters, parents, husband, and my pooches get to spend the most quality time.

My favorite December tradition is going to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (about an hour from where I live) with the whole family. The Museum has a "Christmas Around the World" exhibit that we love to see each and every year! They have trees decorated from all the different countries and they are all so beautiful. I have always been intrigued by holiday decorating and it is incredible to see how people around the world might decorate their trees.


Here is a picture of my parents, my husband, myself, and one of my sisters Lauren at the museum.


My hubby Nick and I by the Christmas trees!! The museum just feels so festive in December!! LOVE IT!!!


My parents and my older sister Tegan.... We got yelled at by security shortly after this picture. Apparently you're not supposed to sit on the display!! Oops!! (hehehe) This tree was gigantic!!! At least 50 feet tall!!!

My older sister, Tegan, and I... she is my scrapbooking partner in crime!!! :)

What is YOUR favorite December tradition? It doesn't have to be holiday related!!! Leave a comment and let us know. Sandy shared her tradition yesterday and the rest of the Ruby Rock-It team will reveal their tradition in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend!!! And we will see you back tomorrow!!

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