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Decorative Glittered Pine Cone Wreath

by Alicia Barry | November 24, 2017
Decorative Glittered Pine Cone Wreath
Thanksgiving is finished here in The States, which means I have the official go-ahead to do all things Christmas. A few years ago, I changed up my theme to blue, silver and gold. The tree is under control and I am gradually adding new items to decorate my house. I've been meaning to make this for about two years now. Finally I got to it.
Today, I have used some new Francheville fine glitter to create a wreath for my front door. This is super cheap to make, as the kids and I collected the pinecones from the park on the way to school. Try to choose some that still have a bit of the stem attached, as it makes attaching the ribbon a little easier. A little tip, if you are planning to give this a go with real found pinecones like we did, bake them in the oven for a while first, to make sure there is nothing living inside there. It makes them smell nice too.

To start, I sprayed with a little white paint to help the glitter to show up more brightly. I didn't use a lot and wasn't trying to cover the whole thing. I still wanted the natural colour to show through from the bottom.
 Once dry, I sprayed with spray adhesive. The glitter bottles come with two sides. A sprinkling side and a pouring side. I didn't want to over do it, so I just used the sprinkling side. I used a combination of three colours of glitter. Be sure to place a piece of paper under you to catch the excess, and then use that for the next pinecone. I only used about a third of each bottle to make this entire project. A little goes a long way. Hold the pinecone from the top when you sprinkle, so you don't waste the glitter by it falling to the inside of the pinecone.

I used some of the same ribbon that I use on my Christmas tree to create a three layered bow at the top with a white ribbon loop. The flowers are foliage you can pick up from the craft store. I also use these on my tree so that everything matches.  I thread some long loops of ribbon through the back of the bow.

I adhered the ends of the ribbon to the tops of the pinecones using hot glue, and finished with a bow. For a large heavy pinecone like this, I adhered a small light one on the opposite end of the loop . I could also adjust these loops so that the pinecones all hung at different heights. 

The finished project on my front door.
Stay tuned for my next project, which is a large wooden Santa sleigh centrepiece that will also match this. 

Supplies used:
Francheville glitter

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