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Dragonfly Broach

by Chez Mathieson | October 9, 2017
Dragonfly Broach

Hi this is Chez..... Today I bring to you an exquisite red and silver Broach which one could also use for a decorative Scarf Pin as well. I was inspired by the beads to create this so I hope I can inspire you to get busy with your own beading creation.  There is no right or wrong way.  All you need is your imagination and a little patience.    


JBZ97, Red and Silver Mix.

JBQ22, JBQ53, JBQ96

JBZ73, JBZ80


A broach front and back, needle and thread and a pair of pliers.



The first thing one needs to do is to seperate the back of the broach from the perforated front. When this is done, thread your needle through two of the holes and tie very securely to the back of the perforated front.

The above image shows the next step. Attaching the wings. I always do this into the second row of the perforated front. (The back needs to be attached later.) 

All four wings attached.

This image shows the first section of the tail end.

The above image shows the largest beads in place, head and belly sections.

The above image shows how to stabilise the belly section with some long bicones and two small bicones at each end.

This image shows all four supports for the belly in place.

The above image shows the start of the wing work.


The above two images show the wing work and the reattachment of the back of the broach. The inside of the wing has the smaller Bicone. 

This image is showing some embellishments to step across to the otherside to do the wings.  

This image shows how to stabilise the head section.

This image shows the tail section to make the dragon fly.

This image shows the wing section stabilised and the bling I have added to create the wing. 

Closer view of the beads added.

This image shows the wing completed.

I added to this image the last three large red beads and some silver bicones and rounds to give the bead work some pleasure for the wearer. 

Here is the finished product.  I hope I have inspired you to create your own beading masterpiece. All beads used are from the Just Bead-It collections which are available from all Spotlight stores

Happy Beading!


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