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by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | January 31, 2012

Back again to announce the winners for our upcoming Guest Blog Designers from:

March - December.

Apologies for the late post as I have been going non-stop all day and still working away in my hotel room tonight. No surprise there.

The following people will be joining us on our blog to show you how they use the new ranges:



I did not contact them individually yet as I wanted it to be a surprise for them too.

Here we go:

March: Angela Gutshall

Apri: Sesil Cratin

May: Erin Morehouse

June: Lowri McNabb

July: Wendy Hammer

August: Robyn Schaub

September: Pat Serrano

October: Sarah Mullanix  

November: Kim Holmes

December: Megan Aaron


And let me tell you, I was OVERWHELEMED at the amount of entries that I received for this guest blogger position. WOW. So much so that I invited some people to help me guest judge since I knew it would be hard for me to decide. A good thing I got the pressure off of me on this one. WHEW.

It does excite me how much interest we have in our new ranges and Ruby Rock-It.

Ladies, please send the following information to:

Subject line: Guest Blog Designer - Month listed




This just makes it easier for me to coordiate getting parcels to you.

HUGE CONGRATS to all of you and we look forward to seeing what you will do with the new ranges in the months to come.

Creative cheers,


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