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Easter Baskets Tutorial with COOK | Therm O Web

by Ruby Rock-It Bella! Fundamentals | April 15, 2013


We here at Ruby Rock-it are simply extending our Easter celebration a bit longer!  And we sure hope you are enjoying our teams' inspiration!

It's Erin here with you today, and I have a couple of handmade baskets with our beautiful Cook range:


Here are the supplies you will need:


The base of your basket is an 8 1/2 in by 8 1/2 in paper.


You will score at the 2 1/2 in mark, and will repeat by rotating paper one quarter turn to your left, until all sides have been scored.


You will cut at the 2 1/2 in mark up to the scored line along the bottom and the top.


Decorate with beautiful patterned paper, secure with Zot dots.  I like using these because the paper will fold and it's easiest to have zot dots on corners like this.


This is what your basket will look like, all decorate before you assemble.


Fold all scored lines.  Fold two of the smaller pieces overlapping one another, and secure with staple.

Repeat on both sides of basket.


I like to cover the staples, so after adhering handle to top of basket, I add some pretty ovals with foam squares, as I like the dimension.


Love these Cook flowers, so simply add that to your oval, fill basket and voila!

Here's my supply list:

 Cook Floral CO23

Cook Ledger CO63

Cook Household Rules CO70

Cook Floral CO94

Thanks for stopping by!  

Erin Yamabe


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