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ECT | 5 on the 5th | July

by Sally Wilson | July 18, 2014
ECT | 5 on the 5th | July

Welcome to another installment of 5 on the 5th. Lucky Mira is enjoying the summer season and enjoying some well deserved time with family and friends. We are excited to see ECT newbie Caley Ashpole join the fun and share her daily doses of family life and me, well I'm just getting thru some serious frost- so indoors is where you can find me. Caylee is enjoying the delights of Spain and we look forward to seeing her adventures up coming creations, upon here return and Aimee is working on some top secret "stuff"!

Hope wherever you are on this planet you are enjoying the moment and crafting a great life. 



This month in 5 on the 5th photo project I wanted to focus on our lovely guests. I probably would have taken thousands of pictures and I wouldn't be able to choose only 5 of them after all, but something good/wrong happened: we went for a walk, and my camera battery died. So I had to go back and recharge it. It usually takes a few hours to be ready again, and we've had our Pocket Album classes  planned for that day, so unfortunately I was forced to leave my camera at home! This is why I have only a few pictures from our morning walk, and a few pictures from the evening fun, so I didn't have much of a choice here. And I find it very relieving! I still focused on our lovely guests: Magda and MichaƂ (there is also Kasia in one picture) and even though i don't have so many pictures I'll still remember that day very well!



Looks like something from Hawaii five-o doesn’t it (without the crime scenes of course.) Well, it’s not. This is Noosa, from the land down under. A holiday destination for some, but for us it was a day of exploring with my family to celebrate Moss’ one month birthday. Cute! We decided to go on a walk to Noosa’s National Park, and with a double wheeler pram we stuck to the look out path, rather than the coastal walk. Next time. The views were amazing with tropical palms framing the path. Once we reached the first look out after what seemed like an eternity, we decided to take some selfie photos. Just as we were doing this a whole bunch of people started to point at a jet ski out in the ocean. Brad pointed out there were dolphins and immediately I jump in and say you sure it’s not a shark? Then I saw it too, 3 dolphins leaping out of the water around this lucky bloke on the jet ski. The walk back seemed too quick, downhill is always a winner but not in this case, it went way too fast. We got to see some beautiful rocks that looked like cargo shipping almost. Square rocks, who would’ve thought? To end our family outing, we headed to the plaza and of course I went into one of my favourite shops, which I’ve now gotten Brad addicted to also, Country Road. Nice!


Another ordinary saturday mingled with some extra ordinary moments-by this I mean all the usual stuff- eat brekky, work, clean our home, eat, work some more, take a nana nap (most unusual but wonderful), walk the dogs. In amongst all this a trip to the Dr's surgery for blood results- and then din din and nite nite, something like that. All in all tho, a peaceful, just happy and grateful to have what I have, kinda day. Sometimes the routine and mundane happenings of our days make for a great life- Enjoy 'em.

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