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ECT | 5 on the 5th | November

by Sally Wilson | November 29, 2014
ECT | 5 on the 5th | November

As you can see Mira and I are on the same path with our black, whites and taupes this 5th on the fifth. 
Hope you enjoy a sneak look into our lives as they happened on the 5th. 
It’s been great fun capturing moments through out the day, that document the minutes and hours, that are our our lives and stories.
Thanks for your company. There is no secret that i love black, white, greys,taupes and metallics. I get heckled about it from my family and friends, ALOT. 
The other part of my nature is my passion [obsession] with being organised. 
Wednesday is my cleaning day. 
And by that I mean housework and any other tasks that are requiring a clean up- including my computer storage-programmes and the back end of business stuff.
I call Wednesday's my P’day, slang for preparation day- 
Wednesday is the day, to "get the work done day”, so the remainder of the week flows. Crazy that it’s a Wednesday- Nup, not really, 
I just like having a break midweek from the "regular stuff” and i find the house usually stays tidy longer and i don’t have to worry about having to spend my week ends cleaning. 
Also, it gives me an opportunity to do some house keeping with all the I T stuff I have going on. I delete, sort, purge, containerise, compartmentalise etc… you get the drift. 
I just like order and being organised. So this wednesday rather than show you the screens, spaces and equipment i used I thought i’d show you some end results of my time.
I spent most of my IT time, housekeeping photo’s and getting life documented and stored correctly on my computer [just loved using the project life app to help me do this]. 
I prepared FB and IG designs and created a calendar for next year, which will go in my online store, soon. I really had been wanting to get a calendar in my office for next year,
as i am designing products and projects for then already and staying on top of my schedule is paramount. A calendar helpos me to do that, assist me with good time management.
Anyway, I think you get the idea from this glimpse. I’m on a kick roll for #SharingGoodness and hope you will be inspired to start preparing your home, I.T stuff and projects for 2015. 
Thanks for following along, have a great month.
Hello! November the 5th was on Wednesday. Since Wednesday is the worst day of my week (I go to work, then I go to school, and come back home at about 8 pm with only a few small breaks between that - at the end of the day I feel really exhausted) I've decided to move my 5 on the 5th project for another day! And it was FUN! Together with my Friend Iwona (You already know her from my September 5 on the 5 th) we planned to take a photo session of her son Szczepan. All the pictures are coming from that photo session! I hope You enjoy it!
On the fifth of November I was in one of my favourite cities in the world, Cape Town. I was there by myself, and I used this opportunity to use my new selfie stick and take a bunch of photos. Now, if you've ever used a selfie stick, you'll know that it is one of the most awkward, embarrassing things to use. But worth it.
Sometimes it feels a bit vain to take photos of yourself, and especially so to make a collage of it, but you are just as important as all the other memories you take photos of. How else will you remember what ridiculous outfits you have, of what made you happy, of times that you were incredibly independent? 
For me, these photos show exactly who I was in November 2014. They are a great reminder of when I went to Cape Town alone. When I look at them, I can remember exactly how I felt at the time. 
Best Wishes,

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