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ECT | 5 on the 5th | October

by Sally Wilson | October 28, 2014
ECT | 5 on the 5th | October

“5 photo’ s on the fifth is here again... What I love about this project is that there are no guidelines, no restrictions- it’s just about you everyday, capturing your life on the fifth day of each month- fabulous- no pressure, doesn’t need to be smiles- great weather, or even a written story- the story of your day are those images you document.”
Still crafting a great life.
This month 5th was super busy for us. As we were moving out to another apartment there was this huge floor renovation and the walls painting required with a lot of unpacking, cleaning and organising activities necessary. So when Pawel was working with the floor, I was organising the kitchen. When this was done I prepared the pumpkin soup for a dinner and pumpkin smoothie with chocolate muffins to enjoy a little evening break. The day was so short that I didn't have time to take a lot of pictures, so the 5 on the 5th picture choice wasn't difficult. What about Your October's fifth? I hope it was fun!
This month’s 5th fell on a Sunday. Sundays for us are about, attending church, visiting and leaving behind all those things that keep us busy and distracted during the other 6 days of the week. I cherish Sundays, they are restful and the complete wind down lets me replenish much needed energy for the coming week.
Sundays, as a family [hahaha, the 2 of us] we get to spend more time together, our rituals pretty much include, church, read, family history, visiting, writing in our journals etc…We generally switch of from all our gadgets! 
This sunday I spent some time doing family history. It can be a bit addictive. I spent some time going thru and uploading photos to my family tree info etc and on skype to the folks with questions and all sorts of other family history bits and pieces. Literally we skyped for over an hour. It was
so great to be able to hold photographs up and say :”who is this” and get an instant answer and a story to compliment it and type as they spoke. Yes modern technology’s greatness kicked in. Love Skype.
So on the 5th it was all about the photo’s and less about taking them!!!! this was my day, mostly...
Morning post box run (the South African PO is still on strike!), and a morning coffee to wait for traffic to die down. // This was my desk for the day. // Pretty yellow natural confetti // veggie-packed mince is currently our go to dinner // Griffin is exhausted, and so are we.

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